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Thread: Can a spare router be used as a repeater ?

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    Can a spare router be used as a repeater ?

    Hi everyone , I have laptop system and established a wifi network at my home, it is of Hercules.I have got a spare D-Link router at my house which I do no use it any more, my friends suggest me that I should not waste all my resources. He says I should use the D-Link router as a repeater , but I do not have any clue what a repeated is and how can I use my DSL-G604T router as a repeater. I am very much confused, please help me out. This is really driving me crazy.

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    Re: Can a spare router be used as a repeater ?

    In the context of computer .A repeater is generally a device or a bridge that is used mostly in the linear bus topologies, this repeater are mostly used to regenerate the signals which become weak once the cross number of tabs in between. They receive the digital signals and the media of transmission is either electromagnetic or optical media.You can use the gateway bridge to convert the router into a repeater, hope you got what you actually wanted.

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    Re: Can a spare router be used as a repeater ?

    Yes indeed repeaters receive the signals but it can be through the coaxial cables as well, but due to presence of various devices that consume the same signal, it's intensity becomes weak, so there is where a repeater's role comes into picture. This electromagnetic field weaken the strength of the signal called as attenuation. The repeaters overcome attenuation and regenerate a fresh signal same as it was produced from the actual source. The repeaters also overcome the distortion that is caused in the coaxial cables that carry analog signals such as any music files. These signals are amplified to bring them back in their original form and re transmitted again. But I do not think that even after installing a gateway bridge will transform your old router into a repeater. You will have to buy an explicit repeater for that, but still I am not sure about it.

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    Re: Can a spare router be used as a repeater ?

    Yes those where the basic functions of a repeater, but you have not mentioned why do you want a repeater in your home network. Nevertheless I can suggest a few ideas on that but I may be wrong on that. I think your desires results can be transformed into reality only if you are running the wires to 604, and use that network through the access point other than this one. Unless you have it you cant have a repeater in future. So let us assume that you have it , after that you can turn off the DHCP and you can put it into the same sub network, which in turn will work as an Access Point for your network.

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