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Thread: Belkin Wireless-N USB Adapter cuts out occasionally

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    Belkin Wireless-N USB Adapter cuts out occasionally

    Hi friends, I really could use some help here, I have done everything that I can believe of short of taking this obsession back to where I get it from.I have freshly been having difficulty with the adapter maintaining its connection to the Wireless-N ISR of the Belkin company that is functioning as an AP (i.e. the Access point) on my network. I have several other wireless device, they are as follows a new iMac, an older PC with a Wireless-G PCI Netgear company adapter, and an HP multifunction component that are able to preserve a steady relationship to the ISR 24/7. My adapter is of the Belkin Wireless-N company which is on my main Personal Computer running Windows XP2 Professional has happening cut out very constantly, and not capable to maintain a connection for more than a few minutes at times. When it cuts out, the activity light goes off it never blink, and it just seems to be "sleeping". If I try to disable it and enable it in the Network Connections through the control panel option, it will give an error of "Connection failed!" when I try to enable it, and then I get a arise from the toolbar utter that the "USB Device is not recognized"
    Do any one has a solution for this?

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    Re: Belkin Wireless-N USB Adapter cuts out occasionally

    I think I have the solution unplugged your device from the USB port and then plugged that device back it inside , the connection will restart, last time I often face the same problem in my device too, then my friend told me about this solution and applied inside my personal computer. Then my connection strength was very good. How often it may disconnects often randomly , but it is has a very hard time staying connected for more than a few minutes then it will automatically connect do not worry about this it may get disconnect, sometimes staying connected for just a few seconds then goes so reinstall the driver software of the adapter to connect it.

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    Re: Belkin Wireless-N USB Adapter cuts out occasionally

    hiee.. friend I had used your suggestion and apply it. Me too faced the problem in that but I did not get that so I used your theory of unplugging the usb adapter and then reconnecting in the usb port. But there is no improvement in the adapter performance. So I have reinstalled the driver several times, I have tried using both XP its utility included with the adapter to manage it, and search the sites high and low for some solution , but have not been able to approach across any. Though the connection strength is ok for me .but often it disconnects quickly, To exclude everything I can, I have set it up with a fixed IP address and stop all other network adapters on my machine except the one. In a C-prompt I have been ping the for some time, and I can observe that when it disconnects. So can anyone tell about this stuff.
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    Re: Belkin Wireless-N USB Adapter cuts out occasionally

    Ok friends I find that I may have solved the problem of yours. Here is what I did with my F5D813 Belkin N series adapter usb stick to get it stable in my windows 7 so far. I uninstalled all of the belkin software for the time being, Both the software and drivers adapter are remove from the PC. When a computer restarted then I inserted Belkin CD in the Dvd drive, but did not run it. Then, I plugged the USB adapter stick into the PC with no using a usb hub or the included usb addition cord....just directly into the computer. Next, I go into the device manager,I just right clicked on the Belkin stick, clicked properties/hardware tab/properties button / driver tab /update driver button. From there, I chosen "browse my computer for driver software" and chosen my CD drive. Then the pc had autonmatically create the driver for the usb stick. Upto noe it had work very fine for me.

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