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Thread: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

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    sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    Hey you know what I got the problem that my brand new laptop not getting connected to the internet. I have a laptop of Sony VAIO VPCEB23FM that has Microsoft windows 7 operating system; it has Intel core i3 processor @2.26GHz, RAM 4GB DDR3 and the 320GB hard drive. This laptop support Wifi 802.11b/g/n, Intel graphics. I can’t stay on the network for a time on my laptop, it continuously disconnected through network. My router is showing strong connection but can’t let me to stay on the network. This also happen if the outer switch is ON outside of my home. When I try to connect the internet it shows some message that says “TURN ON THE WIRELESS”. If you are having that some problem and have solution for this kind of problem please share with me. Is there is any problem to my laptop or anything else? If you have any suggestion for this type of error please give it to me. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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    re: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    As per my knowledge I have only one solution for you, by this is I hope you can solve your problem on your own. First remove driver which is leads you to connect the network. Driver is the only tool by which your laptop and network can communicate with each other. After removing just clean your laptop by using any cleaning tools that delete your temporary internet file and the extra thing that are no longer use. Just try this solution might work on your system, if you have your luck with you.

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    Re: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    This is possible that you might face this error if your router is passing the signal very well but your laptop cannot able to get that signal. This is happen if there is a jam in the network means the problem like conjunction. If you want to solve your problem so fast then just your network engineer, he will tells you that why your laptop is not taking this network signal. So try this and I fill that you might get satisfy by this solution.

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    Re: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    You are not able to connect the internet due to only one reason if your laptop system has lost the Wifi driver, this may happen if any virus that directly attack this Wifi driver. To solve this type of error you just reinstall all wifi drivers and just reinstall that driver again in the system properly. After completing just restart your laptop, because some driver want reboot the system to take place in the system directory file, by which it process the network. I am not so sure that it works on your system.

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    Re: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    ----- This might happen if your system has lost the network place, this is the place by which your computer gets the connection through the system. You can figure it out by just doing small change in your system. By default your system has a network connection place but just removes that connection and recreates the connection place. I have only this solution for this kind of problem you can resolve this as I say, so just do it, it work if you have a luck with you.

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    Re: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    You might face this type of problem if you have some problem with your laptop. This is possible that your computer wireless connection device might get corrupted due to some technical reason. If you have disabled the connection setting in the system bymistakly you may face this problem. To solve this type of error just call the SONY company customer, this is the only place where you can find your problem, so think over this solution, I have only this ideas about this type of problem.

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    Re: sony vaio continuously disconnected from wireless connection

    -----Hey man I also got his freaking problem but I solved this by doing simple thing. My laptop getting disconnected in every 10 to 20 min, to solve this I called the engineer from the SONY Company, he show me the exact problem as I remember. Just do as I say this will solve your problem. First checked the event viewer for the network adapter if you see that the driver connection is closed and the driver version is than just faulty just updates your driver to This solution actually works in my system, try this. I hope this also work with your laptop.

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