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Thread: Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

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    Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

    I was using Microsoft windows XP operating system and few days before only I have taken an internet connection by using the Linksys router. I want know that it is possible to make an internet connection using PC. I want to make my PC act as a router. Also give me the steps to make PC as a router and give me the router configuration steps for setting configuration for router.

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    Re: Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

    It is possible to make PC as a router. For making router as a PC you need to follow the below steps
    1. Your PC/laptop should have an inbuilt wireless inside it. If the wireless is not present then you need to buy a wireless USB.
    2. First set up computer so that it can be connected to the router. Go to Start/ Control Panel/Network Connections. Right click the connection you are currently using to access the internet and go into its properties and click on advanced tab. Check on advanced tab next to “Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection”.
    3. Now select “Wireless Network Connection” and click on ok button. Return back to network connection. Select properties of Wireless Network Connection and click on Wireless Networks tab.
    4. Select advanced button and select Computer-To-Computer network. Make sure that check box next to Automatically Connect to Non-Preferred Networks is unchecked.
    5. Click on add button and enter all the required information. Also network encryption is disabled. Click on bottom right toolbar and connect to wireless connection that was created right now.
    6. Now you have made your computer act as a router. Now you can use any computer to access the internet wirelessly without a router.

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    Re: Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

    Router configuration can be done very easily. Without proper router configuration you cannot connect to the PC. There are the steps given below to configure your router:
    • Check that all the physical connection that you have made is correct. Connect your system to the console port via hyper terminal and connect Ethernet port to hub or switch using cable.
    • Make sure that all the devices are on.
    • You need to boot up your router.
    • You should provide host name and password for security. Also it will give the details to which router you are connecting.
    • For configuring router you need to add IP address.
    • If the router you are configuring will be using dynamic protocol then you need to enable routing protocol.
    • If your router needs a default or static route to connect to another network then you need to provide this information to configure it.
    • You can also monitor and test your router by using the following commands
      COD# show ip route
      COD# show ip interface brief
      COD# show controller serial 0 
      COD# ping ip-address
      COD# trace ip-address
      COD# debug ip rip {Remember to turn debug off when done, undebug all}
      COD# show cdp neighbors
      COD# show cdp neighbors detail
      COD# show ip protocols
      COD# show version
      COD# show flash
    • Now you need to use the below command to save the changes and start the router
      COD# show running-config
      COD# copy running-config startup-config

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    Re: Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

    You can also upgrade your router very easily. You need to go to the website and download updates for corresponding model. Extract the package downloaded and in the tenda router management interface ( System Tools/Software Upgrade/Browse specify the update unzip file. The upgrade for the router is complete; first reset your tenda and then the router.

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    Re: Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

    From the above solution I have successfully setup my system to act as a router. I have also upgraded and configured my router successfully. While I am using router I need some steps to secure it. Securing the router means that you are not allowing unwanted users to enter into the system because these users can damage your system.

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    Re: Steps to make PC/Laptop act as a router

    Securing router means that you are preventing your system from damage. Below are the steps that can secure your wireless router
    1. You need to enter password into the router and don’t leave the password field blank.
    2. You need to change the network name and model because most of times router use default network name.
    3. You need to turn off the broadcasting of SSID from the router.
    4. In your router encryption is switched off. You need to enable encryption.
    5. All the hardware has a unique MAC address. You can add Mac address to the address control list in the router. Only those devices whose MAC addresses are entered into the router will be allow to be connected.
    6. You should take the backup settings of your router. If your router is having factory default setting then it can be easily and quickly restored.

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