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Thread: Conime.exe appear when performed registry clean

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    Conime.exe appear when performed registry clean

    Yesterday when I was in the Registry clean mode the cleaner program sudden started showing unknown file as conime.exe I have no idea why this file appear and what it is. But thing I have noticed after that is my system is working very slowly and many applications are not working. I donít exactly know why this conime.exe file appearing, so if anyone have details about such file please let me know because I am not able to work with system efficiently.

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    Re: Conime.exe appear when performed registry clean

    Here I need to tell you something you must know regarding conime.exe that it is a piece of the the Microsoft Windows Operating System and is crucial for the protected and safe operation of your computer system. This conime.exe process is used when an Asian language is utilized in Windows. If you are face any problem with this process then I strongly recommend you to perform as free registry scan for your system to discover conime.exe associated errors. I think you are facing low performance because there can be error related to conime.exe.

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    Re: Conime.exe appear when performed registry clean

    I want to add something to above post is that there are other instances of conime.exe that may possibly be a process that is listed as the Input Method Editor Remote admin backdoor device. This backdoor application can permit attackers to entrance your computer system which can steal passwords and other private data. So I think this method is a security threat and you should remove it from your computer system as soon as possible. I think you need to follow this in order to improve your system performance and protect your important data from attackers.

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    Re: Conime.exe appear when performed registry clean

    You can get more information regarding what is the file about by selecting Start button then click on Run and enter cmd after pressing ok button you will able to see the command prompt . Now you have to type cd \ then press enter and in next line enter dir /s conime.exe you will able to get the details about the file. I tell you that it is a system file associated to the IME for Asian languages in your system; you most likely have support for several Asian characters installed. But as you said you are facing slow performance after file appears then it can be Malware or virus which regularly takes the name of system files so that you assume it as legal file.

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