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Thread: Install WPA2 on a Mac

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    Install WPA2 on a Mac

    I and one of my colleagues were working on some project. I was having the MacBook and my friend was using the iMac. Then after spending some time on our work we realized that the some of the folders that were on the system were marked as shared. On top of that we were also able to see that the folders were shared by a third person that we even do not know. I immediately disconnected the connections and then stopped our work. Now the thing is that I do not want to have this thing happen again. I have the Linksys Wireless router for the connections and the operating system that is installed on both the Mac is the Leopard. I have given the information regarding the system and the router and I would really need the suggestions on how can I stop that thing to happen again. Anything in that matter will be really appreciated. Hope to have the result soon. Any help in the matter will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Install WPA2 on a Mac

    I really like the challenging situations like that you have just mentioned above. Well I think that there is someone who really wants to have your notes. I would recommend you to make the entire security feature really high on the network. I would also ask you to restrict the connections and allow connecting only those who you wish to with a specific password. Just make the security at the highest peak and I am sure that after making that arrangement you will see that no one will be able to breach this settings. Also in addition to that if you wish you can see for some of the restricting software in the market that can help you with your scenario. Hope that you would have really loved the scenario.

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    Re: Install WPA2 on a Mac

    Thanks Tamohar for the suggestions. That is the very first step that I would have also suggested you to go with. Well as a part of suggestion I would like you to have the WPA2 on your network. I have read that this WPA2 can help you make your network much safer and much secure than it was previously. I think that Tamohar was talking about something like this when he mentioned the term software. Well have that thing for you install it and configure it well and then you will be able to enjoy the connection well. I am of the opinion that it will really come up with the difference.

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    Re: Install WPA2 on a Mac

    WPA is the acronym for the Wi-Fi Protected Access and I am even of the opinion that this can help you to get out of the Wi-Fi issue that you are facing at the moment. It is basically a certification program or say code that is developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. In addition to that it signifies acquiescence with the security protocol that is produced by the Wi-Fi Alliance. It is designed in such a manner so that it can protect the wireless computer networks. So I think that it will server you in a better manner so that the problem can be resolved. WPA2 is the successor of the WPA and has much performance and has enhanced features in it. Try it and let us know if that really solved the issue.

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    Re: Install WPA2 on a Mac

    Well I am here to help you in setting the WPA2 on your Wireless Network. Just follow the steps below and you will be left with the WPA2 configured on the Wireless network of yours. Here are the steps:
    • As the very fisrt step you will have to see that the operating system is updated. In case of the MAC you will be required to run OS X 10.4.2 or higher.
    • If at all the OS is not updated then let it get updated.
    • While the OS is getting updated see that the wireless adapter that is in your laptop is also in the mood of sustaining WPA2. Foe doing so you will have to go to the official site of the Wi-Fi Alliance so that you can select which vendor you are interested in.
    • Also before making further proceedings please make certain that the router/gateway can support WPA2.
    • For the Apple laptops there are some patches required and you will have to download and install the same according to the models that you have with you.
    • After all the patches are installed you will have to configure the WPA2 based on the configuration of the router that you have.
    • After that you will see that it is ready to serve you in a much better manner.

    Try this and let us know if that really helped.

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    Re: Install WPA2 on a Mac

    Well from my side it just a general guess. I think you will be required to make some changes in the networking options. Well I am sure that you will be able to get that on your Mac. Once you get an entry there you will just have to look for the security options. Precisely the Security options for the Wireless Connections. In case of the Mac Operating Systems they are usually easy to deal with and hence I think that you will be able to do that easily. After that just make some arrangements so that your systems become more secure.

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    Re: Install WPA2 on a Mac

    Well after seeing the above things I would simply suggest you to go with whatever you feel, but more precisely I would suggest you to have the security feature on your systems tough. After securing the router by any method please do not forget to turn on the firewall that is on the OS X. Well in order to turn on the Firewall in the Leopard you will just have to travel with the following steps:
    1. Go to the System Preferences
    2. Under that go to the Security
    3. And after that Firewall
    4. Well if the Firewall option is not under the security then you will be able to find the same under the Sharing.

    Just take care of the above things.

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