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Thread: Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

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    Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

    I have started using the new Wifi router which is made by the Huawei. And the model is called as the Huawei E585. I am facing the problems of the DNS in it and not able to use the internet. Also I have unlocked E585 from the british provider called the Three. But currently I am using it with german service providers 02 and also with Vodafone. With both are trying in stating up their online-setup-guides that you should setup the DNS like they want. Please tell me as to how can I resole my DNS problems in it.

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    Re: Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

    The Huawei is by default configured to work with the three mobile networks. Then you have to use a different to unlocked E585 with a different network operator, and the APN settings need to be changed. See the below instructions on how to change the APN settings and make sure your MiFI is connected to your PC and the 3Mobile WiFi software has successfully being installed.

    1. First Open '3MobileWiFi'
    2. Then find the section 'Change Your Settings'
    3. After that enter admin password (By default the password is 'Admin')
    4. And click Log In
    5. Then click Advanced Settings to Connection Settings then Profile Settings and New Profile Name– Whichever you want (e.g. Vodafone Profile)
    6. Then type the Connection Number- *99#
    7. And the UserName as whatever you want.
    8. Password with your network operator’s password (or blank)
    9. Authentication on PAP
    10. APN as Your network operator’s APN
    11. Then the IP Address Should be Dynamic
    12. After all this click Save then Continue with Advance Settings and Connection Settings
    13. Select your new profile from the 'Profile List' drop down menu (e.g. Vodafone Profile)
    14. And Click Apply

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    Re: Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

    Whenever you perform the above steps make sure that all the connections that your making is perfect and should be done properly. Also make sure that the connection is done to the place where you are getting the connection of the network properly.However I make new profile which only change APN to webmobil1 and then I accordingly I connected to the O2-DE. But the transfer is slow compared to the other networks that you wanted to set-up the network connection.

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    Re: Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

    If the above steps are not working for you then you can try out some other technique and also the below given technique:
    Make the Connection number: *99# or *99***1#
    Then the Password is depending on you whether you wanted to write any thing or not.
    The Access Point as (APN): webmobil1
    Date controller name as: Software
    IP Address: whichever your computer is having
    DNS 1 (Domain Name Server):
    DNS 2 (Domain Name Server):
    And also check for the authorization.
    This should definitely help you out with the connections.

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    Re: Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

    And if the above settings are not working for you, then you can go to the retailers and get the information that you want for the DNS connection. Or there is another option that you can go to the place from where you have got the device of the Huawei E585, and ask the retailers for the extra manual set-up for the DNS setting that can be used for the internet connection set-up.

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    Re: Not Able To Set DNS Setting In Huawei E585

    Hi There
    Can any one help me, I have a unlocked E585 but I can seem to get a internet connection with the device even though I have a Voda UK data card which works with a USB dongle

    Im not really sure what else to do open to any ideas

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