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Thread: Turning of Firewall is Safe while Surfing ?

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    Turning of Firewall is Safe while Surfing ?

    I am facing an unusual problem, that the firewall which i have setup is creating issues for me. The thing here is as i have installed the firewall i always have to keep it on for security, but it also blocks some of my gaming sites. I don't know what is wrong with the gaming sites and why it is blocking it. And if i will turn it off then there is a danger of an hacker. Please help me in this case i want to access the games over internet and also want to play with it. Is it possible for me to turn off the firewall and then play game and if yes than is it safe?

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    Re: Turning of Firewall is Safe while Surfing ?

    Is it is possible for you to turn of the firewall and then have an access over the internet, but the thing here is that you must need an updated antivirus installed on your system. The firewall act as the security system for any network it protect your system from the outsiders or we can say here the hackers. So don't worry turn off the firewall and enjoy the games that you want to play but make sure the antivirus is present in your system.

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    Re: Turning of Firewall is Safe while Surfing ?

    No i don't think that turning the firewall is safe while playing games online or surfing over the net. Because the firewall is the one who protects out network as well as the system from the intruders. And if you will close the same than it will give an invitation to them and transfer any malicious content on your system so better try and avoid such circumstances where you need to turn of the firewall. There are many sites that offers you harmless gaming which will not cause any problem on your system. Always try top keep your system safe.

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    Re: Turning of Firewall is Safe while Surfing ?

    I have gone through your problem and it seems to me that you have to perform virus check on your system before turning the firewall off. The thing here is that if you will find any virus or malicious thing on your system than it is not safe to turn your firewall off while surfing the net. Actually there are some viruses that keeps one of your port open while surfing cause it may prove harmful two your network as well as system.I hope that this will help you to solve your problem.And also make sure you will not turn your firewall off in the future also.

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    Re: Turning of Firewall is Safe while Surfing ?

    If you really want to play the game online which are not allowed by the firewall or blocked by the firewall than you can use the stealth. The stealth will not keep the firewall off but will allow you to have an access on the game as well as play the game. The thing is that it will filter the packet that you are sending and no fear from the intruders. I hope that the stealth will protect your system from the hackers and also from viruses.

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