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Thread: Effects of CyberCrime

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    Effects of CyberCrime

    Hello friends, I own a cyber of my own that has some 20 odd computers in it. Recently, all my computers were attacked with some viruses and all my computer were badly affected due to it. Also, I came to know that the there was also some kind of trojan horse program running in all my computers that has taken all the information that was there. Clearly, too many people comes over to my cyber either to chat,surf and to do their personal things so the amount of data that the hackers might have stolen is not known. Also, since they now have my IP address they can now use this to attack other computers. Although I have removed all my pcs and reseted the server but still I am afraid if the hackers carry on their further attacks. So please can any one tell how this happens and how can it be avoided.

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    Re: Effects of CyberCrime

    Its is such a bad thing when you come to know that your personal data is being hacked and is being used by other. Once the hacker comes to know about your pc IP address and password then the amount of damage that he will do is unknown. The CyberCrime attacks can be categorized in two ways
    1 To target a computer and then use that computer to attack other computers.
    2 To target computers and then use as a weapon to commit real world crimes.
    The second way is really dangerous and if committed than it will pose a huge effect even to the national security.
    one of the example is credit cards fraud.
    If the credit card data is gone than the hacker will misuse it to a great extent.

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    Re: Effects of CyberCrime

    Yes its really embarrassing for those you have been a victim of CyberCrime. Most of the time hackers generally use false identity to trap children s ,adults or any one of us. Then they extract personal information and once they get them then it can cause a great damage to your personal information.
    Even our Home Minister said that the rising level of CyberCrime is a threat to national security.Example internet is a means for money lending and funding terrorist to carry out the attacks. So for this to avoid you should have a proper functioning of the security that restricts any one to hack. It is advised to use as good firewall as you can.

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    Re: Effects of CyberCrime

    I think this is really a cause of a concern for everyone those who are using internet as we dont know that how and when we can get attacked.
    • You should have a tight security and awareness
    • Proper implementation of IT
    • All the government and private firms should take the initiatives
    • Strict actions should be taken on all those who have been found in doing such wrong things.

    Its only we as a people can spread the awareness among others and let them know that the ill effects of using this.

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    Re: Effects of CyberCrime

    I think you all should use Cyber Forenscis approach to avoid this kind of attacks.
    • This is very popular approach and adds up to the security level.
    • Its find out the loop holes in the adopted method.has given new dimension to criminal laws

    Using this it can give a boost to security level and we can able to find out from where the threat is actually arising so that the criminal can be punished.

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