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Thread: unable to open port due to virus attack

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    unable to open port due to virus attack

    I was downloading music and I presume one of the records was a virus, and it unlock up all the programs it could do I find myself attacked very sever. Actually I am a gamer and later than this molest, I found miself that I could not tie to my online games. Although I could, msn, and surf the internet just well, and I have again downloaded and set up all the games, and it says it cannot tie to the internet, in favor of each sole game. so I am captivating a try in the gloomy and saw my ports are blocked, now I want to know how do I unlock the ports I require, by means of command prompt or somewhat besides and if probable aperture up more than single, since for one such game I require 12000-12999 and I donít desire to perform it one after one. So if you guys could present some help, it would be greatly appreciate.

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    Re: unable to open port due to virus attack

    As you told that you are not able to open the port after a severe attack of virus which you have downloaded through the internet. I want to suggest you to run an anti virus to that particular file this scanning of the antivirus will remove all the infection done by the software. Also remember that the spyware software should be updated. I think this will be helpful to you to get the desired solution.try doing this.

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    Re: unable to open port due to virus attack

    I think the following might be helpful to you to get the desired solution as you want to open the port you are using with the command prompt. Try doing this:
    • First of all open the command prompt using run option.
    • After that use attrib command to do the same.
    • After this again open the run and type drive letter and you will get f: attrib/all and follow the commands.

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    Re: unable to open port due to virus attack

    I think this problem is related to the bad DCOM setting which might be destroyed by the virus attack. So to fix the issue you need to go through the following points:
    • First of all open the run and type cmd to open the command prompt.
    • After this open another run and open DCOMCNFG which open the component services.
    • After this expand the component services and the computers.
    • Now right click on the properties which open the properties for my computer and then click on the default properties.
    • Make sure that the default authentication level should be connected and default impersonation level should be identified.

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