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Thread: Ethernet cable with the NIC

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    Ethernet cable with the NIC

    I tried to integrate the NIC card of my computer by the using of the Ethernet cable for the access of the internet in my computer, I tried to make the connection with the old cable that I have with the, but this one not working with that. Though I have no such idea regarding the networking. After not able to set up the connection I bought an Intel pro 100 GT card. But this one not fulfilling the requirement that I want for my computer, this will I think only can make up by the cable. But I don’t know why it not supports the cable. What should I do for the connection with the Ethernet cable? I did some of the research regarding the Ethernet cable like the CAT6E? what are different type the Ethernet cables which are used for the internet connectivity. So I will very grateful if anyone gives me some of the important information about the Ethernet cable…
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    Re: Ethernet cable with the NIC

    In the Ethernet cable the Ethernet physical layer is known as the component of the physical layer of the Ethernet cable, which of the Ethernet standard. It consists of the number of magnitudes of speed, it considered as the time span. It carries the speed of the 1 MBPS to 100 MBPS during the data transmission throughout the network. The physical mediums are range from the coaxial cable or the optic fiber or the twisted pair category. In general the network software are works with the all categories of the Ethernet cable.

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    Re: Ethernet cable with the NIC

    The 10 Gigabit Ethernet is one of the most popular in both the enterprise and the carrier networks. It compatible with the 40-100 GB Ethernet speed. there are some of the Ethernet cable which are going build for the terabit Ethernet data transmission. By using the auto-negotiation you can able to get the multiple speeds with any type of the Ethernet cable, also support with the duplex technology. Often the optic fiber category in know as the secure data transmission.
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    Re: Ethernet cable with the NIC

    Ethernet cables are look similar in all the typed, these are used for the internet connectivity. These are basically used for the better performance in the internet service. Generally the fiber optic category is caused for the better performance. Basically the Ethernet technology is comes with the using the twisted pair cables along with the RJ-45 connectors. The basic difference of the Ethernet cable is the type of wire that is used for the connectivity.
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