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Thread: Microsoft Security Essentials and "My Security Engine" malware

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    Microsoft Security Essentials and "My Security Engine" malware

    I have Intel laptop and installed Microsoft security essential.Laptop got infected running Microsoft security essential. Does Microsoft security essential protect my Laptop against My security Engine? Please help whether I should ruled out user error. Thank you in advance for your suggestion.

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    Re: Microsoft Security Essentials and "My Security Engine" malware

    None of the security software are 100% effective because malware authors are working hard to pass the defenses or trick people to let malware install. The malware that has infected your system is of morphing type. This may arrive to your system through web-site usually an ad. When you receive a fake pop-up then perform the below things:
    Press ctrl+Alt+Del and this will open task manager. Kill all the instances of web-browser such as iexplorer.exe. Go to Control panel/Internet and delete all cookies and Internet files.
    After performing this do s full scanning of your system.
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    Re: Microsoft Security Essentials and "My Security Engine" malware

    Some additional recommendations in order to keep your system protected from such malwares.
    1) Make sure that windows Firewall in ON.
    2) See to it that all important updates such as service pack for operating system and programs are updated from windows update.
    3) Make use of latest version of Internet Explorer and update all patches.
    4) Enable the pop-up blogger.
    5) Make sure that on vista and windows 7 User Account Control ON.
    6) Make sure that the installed applications are at their latest version.
    7) Do not open the attachments from unknown senders.

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    Re: Microsoft Security Essentials and "My Security Engine" malware

    You can use Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program to remove my security Engine. Download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from there site and double click mbam-setup.exe and follow the instructions to install the program. Once the program is installed on your system, select Perform quick scan and then select scan. After scan is completed click show results to view the result. Make sure that everything is selected and then click Remove selected. Restart system.

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    Re: Microsoft Security Essentials and "My Security Engine" malware

    My security engine is a really very dangerous program and it belong to Security Guard family. It attacks your system without letting you know. When program is installed by trojan on your system it is configured to start automatically when you login into your system. When you have scan your system with Malwarebytes’Anti-Malware and remove the infected file.In order to make your system much faster than before perform the below three steps:
    i) Download and install Regtweaker
    ii) After installation run full scan
    ii) Click on "Repair now" this will repair all errors detected.

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