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Thread: VPN vs Port forwarding

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    VPN vs Port forwarding

    Hey Everyone.

    I have a MS Terminal server 2008 with 6 people logging on via local network and 2 people logging in via VPN from remote locations.

    The VPN was giving problems so i configured the router to do port forwarding and made use of as an alternative to the VPN. The one remote user switched to using the DNS while the other kept using the VPN. A few days later the terminal server crashed so that only 2 of the user could work at the same time. Nothing was changed on the server when the DNS was added except for the DNS updater i loaded.

    I've been accused by the network admin of "breaking" the server so i would just like some input from other professionals.

    My question is now would using the DNS parallel with the VPN have caused any issues with the terminal server licensing or would it have caused the terminal server service to crash?


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    Re: VPN vs Port forwarding

    These cases probably occur when the remote computer using a gateway (gateway) that is not within our range ... do not worry if you do not know how it goes, I'll tell you what to do if the VPN connect to another computer, is that your computer (which has created this VPN connection) will not let you browse and view mail , etc. Find the connection you created and click the right mouse button to display the shortcut menu, which will have to select Properties. Clicking on a window display properties, which we have to select the Networking tab (Networking). And select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) (Internet Protocol version 4). It simply indicates that option as Internet Protocol (TCP / IP). Whatever you call it, click the Properties button (Properties). In the window that shows you, select Advanced (Advanced). The rest leave it as is, fully automatic, meaning that the server assign the IP VPN and others. And in advanced, make sure that the Use default gateway on remote network (Use default gateway on remote network) is not checked.

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