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Thread: Error 1068 in DHCP Client Service

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    Error 1068 in DHCP Client Service

    I am searching for the solution for my DHCP Client Service. Whenever I try to start my DHCP Client Service, I found that it is not starting. It gives me an error 1068. This is nothing but for the dependency services or group failed to start. I have Ancilliary Function Driver for DHCP Client Server. I just can see the Network Store Interface service is starting. I donít know that where should I go from here. I was using the Norton 360 but from last 6 months I am using the AVG. Please tell me what is the problem.

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    Re: Error 1068 in DHCP Client Service

    You have to go to the routers configuration page and there you have to change the DHCP on your router to "dynamic". And on the adapter on your computer try to fix tcp/ip-- It may have corrupted. You should go to local area property and make sure that you "obtain ip automatically" under tcp/ipv4.

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    Re: Error 1068 in DHCP Client Service

    If you see your DHCP setup then you will find that your current Ethernet adapter is 169.x.x.x. The IP address assigned to your computer should be between to that means that the number which DHCP want cannot assign it. And that is why you are getting the error like this.

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    Re: Error 1068 in DHCP Client Service

    I am not sure that whether I should recommend you this or not but if you do reinstallation of operating system then there is possibility that you can get it working. You should make a backup image before installing the OS. You can also use acronis or norton ghost to do that. Before installing the OS you should make sure that you have made atleast two partitions from which one is for the system folder and one is for your documents.

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