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Thread: Nortan ghost 15 vs Nortan ghost 14

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    Nortan ghost 15 vs Nortan ghost 14

    I have very careful to my computer and my essential file within it. I want to install Norton ghost but I am little bit confuse about to which one is good for me is Norton ghost 14.0 or Nortan15.0. Which would be preferred to use, is there any additional features in the new version? If having any additional new features then please give information on it. And recommend me to go with which version.

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    Re: Nortan ghost 15 vs Nortan ghost 14

    As a new version of Norton, Norton ghost 15.0 having some of the new features than old versions. Like Cold imaging in Norton ghost 15.0, allow you to back up files without installing ghost. Large amount of data (up to 25GB) can back up to high capacity Blu-ray disc and Having window7 support including bit locker which offer data protection throughout drive encryption and integrity checking.

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    Re: Nortan ghost 15 vs Nortan ghost 14

    I have gone through your question from that I recommend you to go with Norton ghost 14.0. Version 14.0 having some of the features of version 12.0, with the ability to build full volume snapshot service backup and also another storage option to FTP site for remote backups. Ghost not only executes Incremental backups when a definite threat level is reached but also ghost control data from ThreatCon, which checks malware activity.

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    Re: Nortan ghost 15 vs Nortan ghost 14

    If you are looking for latest version then go for Norton ghost 15 which is a solution for home user and small business which is use for professional backup. At the time of system failure the solution can be able to recover and restore lost or damaged files even also computer operating system does not start. Although if recovery is save to off site place using FTP, it allow back up of a complete system or a particular files and directory.

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