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Thread: Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0

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    Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0

    Antivirus and other security solutions often fish with their interface a bit difficult for the general public: that responding to an alarm firewall ? How to run a system scan ? For those using a security solution that repels , Symantec offers Norton 360 an all-in - one designed to do the work for you during periods of inactivity on your computer. Can any body know hat what is the difference between Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0 ? Please suggest.

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    Re: Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0

    Norton 360 is a software suite All- in-one secure and optimize your computer.
    Four poles are there to help you keep your PC safe :

    * PC protection : Contains an anti -virus , anti - spyware protection against worms, trojans and rootkits . It also includes a two-way firewall and embarks technology SONAR for detecting in real time the appearance of new viruses.

    * Identity Protection : Includes anti -phishing , a secure personal information management ( Idetify Safe) , protection against keysloggers and a whitelist of sites merchants and bank and securing the home network.

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    Re: Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0

    Norton 360 provides comprehensive protection . Indeed , 360 is from 360 , which means a full turn. With this protection, you will not need anything else. Antispyware , Antivirus, Firewall , backup and restore data online automatic update everything is built for failing to manage the tools that we do not control and risk of slowing down their computer with several programs running in the background. Alerting you about unsafe websites and suspicious sellers , Norton 360 makes online shopping safer . Your login and password login are automatically stored so that you can identify some sites with one click. It can also disable launch some unnecessary programs at startup to make your PC faster . Further developed by Symantec goes even further as it proposes to give a real boost from nine to your PC by removing unnecessary files, defragmenting your hard disk and repairing common problems. This ensures optimal performance .

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    Re: Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0

    Norton Internet Security 2011, published by Symantec, is a security suite designed to protect your computer. More and more malware circulating on the internet and waiting for every opportunity to break into your system to infect or harvest your personal data. This is why Norton Internet Security, as well as software such as Kaspersky Internet Security or AVG Internet SecurityIs essential to combat these threats. Internet Security 2011 brings first protection against viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and rootkits .

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    Re: Norton AntiVirus 2011 vs. Norton 360 4.0

    On the other hand, as most suites protection , Norton Internet Security provides a spam powerful filter unwanted emails that arrive in your inbox and often can contain viruses or spyware attached. Finally , the advanced protection allows parents to activate the parental control to prevent their children from accessing sites with hazardous or adult. Norton Internet Security also provides clear explanations of the performance of your machine and the nature of threats. Only those files at risk are analyzed in order to reduce analysis time and reduce the number of resources mobilized. Finally , note that technical support is available to you throughout your subscription and updates are performed automatically.

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