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Thread: O&O CleverCache Professional 7

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    O&O CleverCache Professional 7

    Recently I have downloaded O&O CleverCache Professional 7. I am unable to use thissoftware.I need some extra detail about O&O CleverCache Professional 7 . If any one can tell ne the advantage and disadvantage of this software.Thank you in advance.

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    Re: O&O CleverCache Professional 7

    I am having window xp service pack 2.I am using 6.1 pro. I have tried professional 7 it fasterYour computer. It faster starts of your program, quick launch. It provides less pageswaping . The games played are smooth. I donít use O&O CleverCache Professional 7 in windows 7.It is also data recovery and security software for windows

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    Re: O&O CleverCache Professional 7

    I tried O&O CleverCache Professional 7 software in windows 7. Instead of making fast it slow Down my computer but it is a good software for data recovery, it also optimizes your file Management system in windows. But i soon uninstall it from my computer. Try it in vista it might work well.

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    Re: O&O CleverCache Professional 7

    Hi.. thanks for the information. I am having Ram of 12gb in my computer. Should i use this software to make my pc faster. Do u think it will work.I need a software for data recovery and data security in windows. I am having windows Xp service pack 2.please provide more information aboutO&O CleverCache Professional 7.

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    Re: O&O CleverCache Professional 7

    I am having ram of 4gb and using windows service pack 2.I didnít understand the working of this software but I tried to do the setting by referring the screenshots.
    I have done the following setting:
    Maximum file cache : 1536mb
    minimum file cache relative to available memory : 200%
    minimum file cache : 128mb
    Try it might speed your computer.

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