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Thread: DONGLE: hardware to protect u'r (.exe)(.swf)

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    idea DONGLE: hardware to protect u'r (.exe)(.swf)

    hai guys, are u looking something that can protect u'r software application?? b'cause software piracy destroyed us. whereas how hard it is to plan, debug n running software. so, we must thingking how to protect u'r software application l(.exe)/(.flv)??
    n software piracy very harmful n increase our sales potential.

    i have an INFO to help u'r problm. what is that??

    Dongle is an answer, DONGLE: is a small piece of hardware that connects to a laptop or desktop computer for the purpose of copy protection or authentication of software to be used on that system.
    the advantages: u'r application can't running if not use dongle. so, very safety.

    for more information, u can call me.
    Name: Meyta
    PT. SecureMetric Technology
    Phone: (+621)-63861282

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    Re: DONGLE: hardware to protect u'r (.exe)(.swf)

    Yes your are Right this is one kind of USB dongle or We can say Hardware lock.If You Make any software and You want to give all feature in the Full Version Only at that time You can Make this kind of Dongle.Main Benefit of the Dongle is that No one can Crack Your Software.You can also say One Kind of License for the Software.

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    Re: DONGLE: hardware to protect u'r (.exe)(.swf)

    yes, u right.. thx u for u'r information

    btw, u use this dongle??

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