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    I am running my computer on Windows Vista operating system and I am also using Mozilla Firefox browser on my pc for surfing the internet. Recently my computer seems to have been infected to some malwares and due to that my pc has been infected by the "" and it redirects my web browser to another website. I have tried running Avast and Avira antivirus but they are also not able to remove this nasty, so can anyone help you out? Thanks

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    I would suggest you to use a tool called AdwCleaner which seems to be a lightweight and standalone removal tool for Adware, Toolbar, Hijacker, Spyware. It also remove PUPs/SIPA (potentially unwanted programs) annoying advertising by browsers. Often installing a free Software by downloading from the internet downloads Toolbar that gets installed automatically without our permission. These Toolbar is going to sneak in our web browser Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and it will remove all these nasties from out pc.

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    There is another antivirus called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware which is a free tool that can detect and permanently delete the malware inside the computer. The software is able to free the system from known viruses and malware. The program will also protect your computer in real time so that no other threat can infect your PC and create problems of any kind. It also has created a center where threats are analyzed and in order to make the program even more secure. The user interface is simple to use and can be set in several languages ​​including. The application has been developed to be lighter and faster so as not to affect the performance of the machine.

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    If none of the above is working then you can try to download a "Live Rescue CD" which will be able to disinfest your computer without even booting into the infected operating system. After searching a bit on google I found out that Kapersky does have Free Live CD. So you can try to download that on other computer and burn it to a disc and then boot into it and perform an update and scan. This will be unaffected by the virus.

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