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Thread: how to remove vpn connection

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    how to remove vpn connection

    i have Got an alert saying this question had been moved but can't find. Anyway, I have created a VPN connection to a router--worked fine. Now, I want to delete the connection but don't see where. Tried right-click but no delete as an option.give me the answer how to remove this problem.vpn connection is disabled therefore i am getting a problem,is there my mouse is damaged.
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    Re: how to remove vpn connection

    To remove the VPN connection
    • firstly we should go to Network and Sharing Center option.
    • after doing this Click on Change adapter setting in the left pane.
    • and then we can see the adapters and the VPN connection, and just right-click on the VPN connection and select Delete.

    after doing this we can solve this problem...
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    Re: how to remove vpn connection

    I had to do a quick cut-and-shut solution and allow remotely access the network, I opted for a remote access VPN, and it is use directly to the AD machine. Where you go through the process and select "Allow incoming VPN connections. This is a big objective to set up a site-to-site VPN, but right now there is no solution for this. Because there are two different processes that is affected by the same thing, and that it doesn't matter when you connect to the VPN connection.
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    Re: how to remove vpn connection

    When we are going to launch Internet Explorer and configuring our computer to automatically prompt you to start your VPN connection, our computers might be establishing soon we have to click on select option, after doing this an error message may occur, "Unable to Establish a Connection". this problem may occur untill internet explorer is not initializing. To resolve the problem,If the VPN software stops responding or if you are unable to open the VPN software,If we are able to open the VPN software, but are not able to connect to the VPN server.first we have to check our network pages. yet problem is not resolve,we have to reinstall the software.
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    Re: how to remove vpn connection

    There can be authentication problem to remove the vpn connection. Which of these are following as bellow mentioned,
    1. User is not able to access the software due to vpn server errors 14.
    2. There is problem with IKE stands for internet key exchange.
    3. Not able to find out Authentication.

    These are some major reason of the removing the vpn connection.

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    Re: how to remove vpn connection

    Some important points through which we can delete the vpn connection.. so perform followings steps..

    1. Just expand your server choose the network option> IP Policies--> Virtual Private Networking--> Secure Connections
    2. To display a list of connections in the right pane then click on the all connection option.
    3. Choose the delete option to delete the connection..

    After performing this steps we can delete the vnp connection.. I have seen in add/remove option,there is no reference to VPN connection. I have 3 items: my DSL connection for home, a local area connection in the office, and a dialup connection ,it have been checked in for hotel, the properties of the all 3 and didn't see any reference to VPN.

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