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Thread: How To Install IP Messenger In ThinClient Devices

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    How To Install IP Messenger In ThinClient Devices

    hai ,

    we r using thinclient, one terminal server and ten thinclient devices,
    at present we need to install IPmessenger but v cant install it eventough each
    thinclient works in individual IP address, while installing we get the error

    bind error 10048

    i searched in net the main thing is simultaneous use of socket they said,
    but in thinserver v can install IPMessenger,
    PLZ guide me how to install.....

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    Re: How To Install IP Messenger In ThinClient Devices

    I will recommend you search for some best Lan messenger. Usually IP messenger works on the base of IP address and I think the command which it used is Net send. So if the net send service is disabled from Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services. In that first on all pc start the Messenger service. There are more tools like Outlook Lan Messenger, Winpopup LAN Messenger, Softros LAN Messenger, LanTalk NET, etc. You can try any of it.

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    Re: How To Install IP Messenger In ThinClient Devices

    I am looking for a way to use the IP Messenger in my lan connection but I am using the dial-up connection and I am getting the IP Address via DHCP from my ISP. In this scenario do you have any other way to install IP Messenger in this setup? What should I do to connect? I am not able to set the IP Address as it is assign by ISP DHCP.

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    Re: How To Install IP Messenger In ThinClient Devices

    Incase anyone is using a Virtual Host and their IP Messenger is taking the Virtual Host IP Address as the primary IP then they have to disable the Virtual Host network in order to get the messenger to work. Anyone can easily do this by going to the "My Network Places" and then disable the Virtual Host Network. I am sure that the problem will be solved by following this method.

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