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Thread: Popup windows internet security

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    Popup windows internet security

    I was generating a ComboFix report, when I encountered an error message saying that windows delayed write failed. Ever since, I have got this message, the computer is freezing, whenever I start it. I cant even start the Task Manager to check out the processes that are going on within the system. I have to do a hard shut down because of such a situation. I want to know if the particular Popup windows issues that are encountered could be a reason for bypassing internet security or not. I am stuck with what can be done to solve this problem. My computer is running Windows XP with Kaspersky antivirus for internet security.

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    Re: Popup windows internet security

    Yes, the Popup windows means that some program has by passed the internet security. As you cannot do when the system is hanging, I dont think that there is any other technique that can resolve this issue, other than formatting. Inorder to run a scan with any other antivirus software too, it is required that you must install it in your system, which is not possible in your case.

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    Re: Popup windows internet security

    There is a better method than formatting, according to me, that is a system restore. You can get this option before the operating system loads. So, there is no fear of the system freezing. You have to keep pressing F8 until a menu with various options appear. Here, load into safe mode and then, do the system restore. In this mode, the infections cannot execute and thus, you can go about with the system restore quite easily.

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    Re: Popup windows internet security

    The above mentioned technique for system restore is the best method that has to be used in such situations. One thing that you must remember while doing the system restore is to do the restore to the factory settings. Another option is to repair the system, that must not be selected. This is because there is a chance for the infections to persist in your system by simply doing the repair.

    By a factory restore, all the applications and programs installed will be completely removed, by just keeping the operating system as it is. So, your system will be as good as new.

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    Re: Popup windows internet security

    I think that you do not know about the boot scan method. All the malicious activities in the system along with the Popup windows internet security problem can be removed with the help of this scanning method. You have to install the Avast antivirus in your system for the purpose of this boot scanning. This is because all the antivirus do not provide this feature.

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