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Thread: PDM Keylogger

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    PDM Keylogger

    I run the full scan of my computer and my files and that is the message I got : Proactive Defense Detected : PDM.Keylogger kernel mode memory patch. I quickly searched on the internet that it could be (I do not understand much about the computer ! ) and I understand that a keylogger is a spyware that records seized from keyboard. Please help.

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    Re: PDM Keylogger

    When you want to be prudent with caution, always consider the possible consequences of disregarding safety warnings .In fact, and this latest example is a further proof ( as there have been precedents ) , there is always a risk to ignore a warning (even minimal) or a legitimate program while allowing anything to do and anything. In the case that concerns you , you have a warning called " PDM.Keylogger "on something " legitimate " but which can be exploited for " insensitive "if you see what I mean.

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    Re: PDM Keylogger

    In purpose and, simply put, the API system are involved in security and system integrity as a rule , they will miss that which is executable by their intermediary.From there , the core operating system is isolated from user programs and each program is "more or less " isolated from other programs. So when there is a glitch with a program, the consequences for the machine are reduced because the seed in question can not affect the operating system and undermine its integrity.

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    Re: PDM Keylogger

    You must know that the term refers to a " keylogger " , that is to say a program that monitors and records everything typed on the keyboard.
    Generally, this is a typical behavior of some software " spyware "or " malware "which when installed on a machine , capable of detecting the keystroke of everything for cash today by thugs from the Web ( not to mention the mafia and criminals), namely:
    - No bank account
    - No credit card
    - No Social Security
    - login and password to login
    - email addresses
    - addresses
    - etc. ...

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    Re: PDM Keylogger

    The best way to protect yourself is vigilance :
    * Do not use software whose provenance is questionable
    * Be careful when you connect to a computer that does not belong to you ! If it is a free computer , examine the configuration quickly , before you connect to websites requesting your passwordTo see if users have gone before you and it is possible or not for a normal user to install software. If in doubt do not connect to secure sites for which there is an issue ( online banking, ... ).

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    Re: PDM Keylogger

    To avoid any risk you can use a keyboard visual example of the windows:
    Go to start menu of windows and then execute and copy this : %SystemRoot% \ System32 \ osk.exe click OK . You now have a visual keyboard that you can " fool " the keylogger , just click on the button as a keyboard.

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