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Thread: Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

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    Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

    Here is my problem to run an analysis of hard disk with kaspersky7, which detect a trojan generic Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic happiness ? I realize what or what not these are the my anti virus is wondering what to do to quarantine, the problem and that i indicates that the file is interoperable. What are the risk and find complementary has my anti virus? Thank you.

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    Re: Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

    You need to open Task Manager , terminate the process SMVSS.EXE , go to " C: \ Windows \ System32 \ " and delete the file smvss.exe . Then goes : Start - > Run -> regedit then : "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run " and deleted the entry that refers to "C : \ Windows \ System32 \ smvss.exe. Then I'll install an antivirus council if you have none of the update, and scan your PC. Optionally installs a Trojan Anti TDS3 as , updates , and scan as well.

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    Re: Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

    HEUR : Trojan - Downloader.Script.Generic, You'll be able to neutralize in response : Get your website locally using an FTP client : and ensure that you do not miss any file and it is often the case sites What a great tree , to prove that you ask your host to give you a compressed copy of all your site , and After downloading , in which case you 'll be sure to download all , unpack the site, create a single file other local html files and js when you go to the site just decompressed.

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    Re: Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

    Researchers at Kaspersky Lab observe the emergence of a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer , which exploit code was widely distributed after decryption too detailed . Today, only lazy cyber criminals do not use this exploit code in their attacks. Two versions are identified in the Top 20 : Exploit.JS.CVE -2010 - 0806.i (2) and Exploit.JS.CVE - 2010- 0806.b.

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    Re: Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

    Among the attacks against users, the most common are those organized through the Internet using vulnerabilities that regularly appear in most standard applications . Fortunately, these vulnerabilities are often quickly deleted by the publisher of the application. Unfortunately , all users need not install patches in due course. A growing number of malicious exploits the trust and the inexperience of users, including fake antivirus programs and blockers , widely disseminated by cyber criminals in March 2010.

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    Re: Virus HEUR:Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic

    The Trojan downloaded is another striking example of downloading stealthily found in third position. This is a script that starts obfuscation by gathering information about configuring the user's browser and sends this information to a malicious site after having encrypted using an RSA key open. Once on the server , the information is decrypted using a RSA key locked and the victim receives a selection of scripts, depending on the browser configuration, which exploit vulnerabilities in the computer and download programs malicious.

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