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Thread: Canít delete trojan aspx.js.win32

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    Canít delete trojan aspx.js.win32

    My computer is infected by the aspx.js.win32 Trojan. This virus is creating too much of problem in my computer like slowing down my pc, sucking up system resources, application takes long time to start. I have tried to remove this virus with the help of an antivirus software but it comes back again on every reboot. If someone has any knowledge about how to remove this virus once and for all then please help me out. Thanks

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    Re: Canít delete trojan aspx.js.win32

    You can easily remove this trojan manually. You will have to find its files and registry entries but before that you should ensure to backup all the important data to prevent its possible loss in case of any unpredictable problems that occur at the time of performing the deletion. First of all search and remove all the below Trojan aspx.js.win32 files and folders:

    After that you will also need to delete the registry entries for Trojan aspx.js.win32 which is listed below:
    HKCU \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
    HKLM \ SOFTWARE \ Classes \ .key

    Lastly, restart your computer to take effect.

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    Re: Canít delete trojan aspx.js.win32

    You can also use a program called AdwCleaner which is a tool to effectively remove unwanted software. The majority of malware installed without your knowledge and not detected by your regular antivirus will be deleted from your Windows PC by using this software. AdwCleaner is very easy to use since you will just have to run a scan to detect and remove the reluctant nasties like toolbar, adware (advertising program), PUP/LPI, etc.

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    Download McAfee antivirus in your pc and update its definition first. After that follow the below steps to remove this trojan:
    1. Restart your computer and press F8 repeatedly while booting up. You'll see a boot screen with choices.
    2. Using your cursor keys, select Safe Mode With Networking Support. Your PC will boot in a low resolution state and most processes will not be run.
    3. Go to My Computer (in XP) or Computer ( in Vista / 2007),
    4. Right-click the hard drive and select Scan from the drop-down menu. You'll notice an extra taskbar icon. If you hover over it, it will display a progress report.
    5. After the scan completes, make a note of anything it detected.
    6. Download our free Stinger tool and save it to your Desktop.
    7. Run Stinger.


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