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Thread: Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

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    Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

    I have installed several anti virus softwares on my system which includes McAfee AntiVirus Plus, AVG Anti-Virus as well as Avast anti virus. I was feeling that my system would be much safe but even after having 3 security software, My system got infected by many viruses. I tried removing them but only some of then got removed and no software can remove rest of viruses out of my system. My browser have started working slow and i keep in getting random pop ups on my screen.

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    Re: Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

    I think you system have got many types of viruses and most of the viruses has an ability to disable the security features on an infected system. I think all the security softwares on your infected system have got corrupted and because of which they are not able to remove the viruses out of your system. I suggest you to remove all of them and install any one of them again on your system it would be better if you do a boot scan.

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    Re: Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

    If your ant virus software can detect the viruses and if it is not able to remove them then i guess you should try doing the same thing from Safe Mode of your operating system. If you are using Windows operating system on your machine then it must be having Safe Mode which securely helps you to remove the viruses from your system. You have restart your computer and then keep on pressing F8 key which takes you to the Windows Booting Options where you can select for the Safe Mode with or without Networking.

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    Re: Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

    When your computer gets infected so much viruses and you do not have time to boot up your system as those viruses would be spreading in more areas and as anti virus software has been got corrupted then you do not have any other option except Boot Time Scan. Actually this scanning process scans your system before it gets booted so that virus does not gets chance to spread up and even you can remove an infections. This feature has been provided in an Avast so you may use it.

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    Re: Persistent Malware/Viral Infection

    Here i have provided the link from where you can download the Norton Anti Virus which is great software to secure your systems from viruses and malwares. But you just have to keep in mind that this software needs to be updated on time which makes it aware of latest viruses. If you do not do so then it might happen that it does not works as per your expectations.

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