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Thread: Comodo Internet Security Complete Vs Avast

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    Comodo Internet Security Complete Vs Avast

    I am looking to install a standard antivirus application on my computer. I using Windows Vista operating system on my computer. But my computer seems to be infected with lots of viruses and I want to remove all of those viruses from my computer. I am confused on choosing between the two antivirus that are Comodo Internet Security Complete and Avast internet security. Please can anyone give me the major differences between this 2 antiviruses? Thanks

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    Re: Comodo Internet Security Complete Vs Avast

    Developed by a leading global provider of security, Comodo Internet Security uses multiple technologies (including scanning the emails and blocking worms and malware). It gives you comprehensive protection against internal and external threats by combining a firewall with antivirus software. The new interface also makes it easy to search for any threats and it quickly allows you to access all important parameters and delete it accordingly.

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    Re: Comodo Internet Security Complete Vs Avast

    I would recommend you to get the Comodo Internet Security antivirus which is more protective compared to Avast free edition. There is no doubt that Comodo Internet Security is the winner in this competition. I have a very good experience with Comodo program which runs my system much smoother when I am surfing the internet or multitasking. When I used Avast then it used to make my system more sluggish. You will find Comodo Internet Security very light in your system like mine.

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    Both antiviruses have their own advantages. The Avast program comes with better signature detection and also with less FP. On the other hand Comodo antivirus comes with better BB control and also a powerful firewall. So, both of these programs run differently. It actually depends on your preference as well. If I were you then I would rather choose Avast because I need something which works silently and also offers good protection for the system.

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