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Thread: Router ip address login

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    sad Router ip address login

    Hi everyone. (:

    So I can't log into my router settings page because my password and username are incorrect I think. The thing is I never changed the password or username. (They were admin, admin.)
    So I reset my router just in case but nothing.

    This happened right after I changed my router's MTU settings from automatic to manuel and to 1350 accidently. I was trying to change my NAT settings and didn't know the lowest number could be 1364..

    Also whenever I type in my routers IP address I get a message saying:
    "Linksys BEFW11S4 V4"

    I'm guessing that's a different router ? I don't know. I never use to get this message before that's why I'm mentioning this.

    My router: Linksys WRT160N v3

    Any ideas or suggestions ? Please help!
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    Re: Router ip address login

    There are some more user id and password which you can try out. First the default is admin. Once restart your system and then turn on the router. Reconnect the back connection and then via you browser type the ip address of the router. If you can not able to login then there is small reset button below the router. Reset is written next to the hold. Use pin and press the button . The router settings will be restored to factory settings. If this also does not work then you will need to update the firmware of router.

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