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Thread: Ethernet Bridging on Linux

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    Ethernet Bridging on Linux

    I have recently started learning about the bridging of an Ethernet on Linux operating system. I have tried to do lot of things but I am not succeeding.!! So thought that there would be someone hanging out there who can help me. Please post me some details about the Ethernet Bridging on Linux. Information in details would be appreciable.

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    Re: Ethernet Bridging on Linux

    Ethernet bridging fundamentally involves combining Ethernet interface with one or additional virtual TAP interfaces and bridging them together under the umbrella of a single bridge interface. Ethernet bridges in lieu of the software analog to a physical Ethernet switch. The Ethernet bridge can be deliberate of as a kind of software switch which can be used to attach multiple Ethernet interfaces (physical or virtual either) one single machine while sharing a single IP subnet.

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    Re: Ethernet Bridging on Linux

    Multiple Clients will be competent to connect to the bridge, and each one client's TAP interface will be assigned an IP address that is ingredient of the server's LAN. There Are Two methods for handling client IP address allocation :
    • Let manage its own OpenVPN client IP address pool Using the server-bridge Directive
    • Configure the DHCP server on the LAN to IP address leases Also grant to VPN clients.

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    Re: Ethernet Bridging on Linux

    While doing an Ethernet bridging on Linux, first make sure that you have the bridge-utils package installed. Set the dc, tap, ethnic, eth_ip, eth_netmask, and eth_broadcast parameters to the physical Ethernet interface you would like to bridge. Make sure to use interface year and private which is connected to a LAN which is protected from the Internet by a firewall. You can use the Linux ifconfig command to get information about The Necessary your network interfaces to fill in the bridge-start parameters.

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    Re: Ethernet Bridging on Linux

    You will also have to edit the OpenVPN server configuration file to enable a bridging configuration. How out-the-line Which says dev tun and replace it with INSTEAD :
    dev tap0

    How the Line Out That Begins with server and replace it with:
    Now set up the Linux firewall to sanction packets to surge over the newly created Freely tap0 and br0 interfaces :
    iptables-A INPUT-i tap0-j ACCEPT
    iptables-A INPUT-i br0-j ACCEPT
    iptables-A FORWARD-i br0-j ACCEPT

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