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Thread: Ssl wrapper error

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    Ssl wrapper error

    Guys! I am trying to install the sll in my Cpanel and whenever I attept the procedure to install this I continuously getting this error message :

    Install/Update A SSL Host

    Your SSL certificate failed to install on your site.
    Error from ssl wrapper: Sorry, the system admin has not enabled this feature.
    I don't know what's going wrong with this. Anybody here got this issue before or have resolved it before ? If anyone have done then please post me the details...!!!

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    Re: Ssl wrapper error

    I have recently started the installation of instantSSL cert so I can logon securely to WHM/Cpanel. I installed this via the 'Change CPanel/WHM certificate' instead of 'Install a certificate and setup domain'. It is absolute right? It assumes that it would work but I was wondering what error message below what indicating exactly:

    Attempting to verify your certificate.....
    Cerificate appears to be intact
    /usr/local/cpanel/share/ssl/certs/ /C=xx/
    error 20 at 0 depth lookup:unable to get local issuer certificate

    Restarting SSL Support
    Certificate has been installed!

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    Re: Ssl wrapper error

    Hey cullen,

    I have solved your problem that was looking something tricky at the time of starting the thread but solved in very easy way. This is the way to fix this issue and I hope you it will resolve it permanently .. Follow these steps carefully :-

    Go in WHM => Server Configuration => Tweak Settings => in System / Use native SSL support if you got it eligible , negating required for Stunnel disable the box >> click in Save and then go ahead for further changes ..


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    Re: Ssl wrapper error

    I got your suggestion from the PM , But actually the issue is not in getting to commit any task without the warning. (I have just installed this through the option stated in the section as 'Install an SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain ')

    The issue is getting and getting to work without receiving a warning (the certificate was provided by a organization, you have selected not to trust etc.). The SSL for port 2083 and 2087 should be committed through the 'Change cPanel/WHM Certificate' fine ? I am unable to get any information about this in the documents also . No one replied any effective suggestions ....Please help !!!

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    Re: Ssl wrapper error

    I think, you should go in this way and that would be accomplished in the following manner as .. Just after then put the authorized username and password but one thing should be considered that the password should be issues as your root password to login to cpanel. As is your server's main IP address. After these all, I don't think you would get that error again and if you are feeling any issues within these so just post me back !

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    Re: Ssl wrapper error

    Actually, when I use my IP address instead of secure . I received two warnings instead of one..

    1. The certificate was provided by a company that you have selected not to believable etc.)
    2. The name does not match the name of site.

    The another warning is obvious because the certificate is provided for secure. It is the primary warning that always comes up when I connect via 2083 or 2087..

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    Re: Ssl wrapper error

    I have just tried to install a SSL on one of my shared hosting servers and got the following bugs after trying to install the Key/SSL cert:

    Error from ssl wrapper: Unable to produce a valid Apache configuration file.
    I have done the installation of SSLís on this server before, but this is the first scenario when I got this one error message. I have also tried to restart Apache (litespeed actually), and even the cPanel service. I am reluctant to rebuild Apache with the help of EasyApache feature currently because I am afraid to break users sites. Any advice regarding troubleshooting of this further?

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