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Thread: can't open iantivirus1.36 in snow 10.6.2

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    can't open iantivirus1.36 in snow 10.6.2

    I am stucking my head a lot and not getting how would I open this. I have downlaoded it for my PC and then I installed it properly without any issues and installation completed successfully. After completing installation, I then restart it and opened it . The icon of this program is placed on my menubar for a second but after all I seems unable to open that program. Why ? It is goin on like this it is just because of 10.6.2 or some other reason ?

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    Re: can't open iantivirus1.36 in snow 10.6.2

    This is not because of any issue within your installation operating system nor system. This one error is reported by so many users on mac and also on iantivirus community. They alway report that you are running with the issue of the program consuming so much CPU space and need system getting slow. You should make a re-installation of the same program and I am sure you will get the positive response from the way. Just try to do it..

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    Re: can't open iantivirus1.36 in snow 10.6.2

    I don't know, what wrong going on with the installed software or it is getting accepted by system itself. Icon got disappeared and iAntivirus Not functioning at all ! I though, it can be resolved after making a system restart but when I start the machine , (MacPro 10.5.8) the icon of iantivirus it tagged on Task Bar
    After sometimes it got disappeared, If I execute the program manually (within the /Applications/iAntivirus) then again the icon of iantivirus it displays on the Task Bar and after sometimes , it got disappeared apparently ! I tried to get it work through the uninstall and installed the recent version but nothing happened and the same situation getting appeared again and again .....

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    Re: can't open iantivirus1.36 in snow 10.6.2

    When reporting a issue , you should go through the instructions as follows :

    1. Open terminal (found in Applications and then Utilities)
    2. Type the suggested below :

    system_profiler -detailLevel full -xml > /tmp/profile.spx [hit enter]
    ps ax > /tmp/ps.txt [hit enter]
    zip -9j ~/Desktop/ /tmp/profile.spx /tmp/ps.txt [hit enter]
    3. Send from your desktop to AChen.

    On thing should be remembered that it provides you the same information as available in System Profiler (Applications then Utilities) - please take a look at what type of information, the System Profiler shows about your computer system and only send us the file if you are felling comfortable with proving that level of detail to me .

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    Re: can't open iantivirus1.36 in snow 10.6.2

    No anti-virus applications can recognize the viruses in Mac OS X because there is not any viruses exist. running with the AV software will not secure you from a Mac virus, because this wouldn't aware what to look for. You can't secure yourself from something that doesn't exist.

    I have figured out some of your different threads and you actually required to learn to relax and chill with your Mac. This is very different from the Windows envuironment , where viruses and the malware are rampant. You don't have to "fiddle" with Mac OS X to run this safe environment and working also in well manner. A system virus is a computer program which can copy itself and infect a whole system slowly-slowly .

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