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Thread: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

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    Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    Which one to choose from ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16? Previously I was having the N13U but I need to RMA it because it will drop the connection sometimes. The connection was much stronger than my recent router though, (that is a DLink Dir- 615 that I am going to RMA again for the same purpose.)
    The cost of R13U is around $40 and the cost of other to is around $100.

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    Re: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    The RT-N16 has some incredible specification and I will recommend you to go for it. Here are some of the specifications.
    Stock Power Supply is equal to 12V to 1,25A at the maximum. Ethernet Ports are WAN x 1 RJ-45 for 10/100/1000 Base T, LAN x 4 RJ-45 for 10/100/1000 Base T. There are three external detachable antennas. The WiFi operating Frequency is around 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz. Unit CPU is Broadcom4718A, 533 MHz

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    Re: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    My then main problem is signal strength at very far distances; I live in a very large house. Which is good in terms of range? Previously owned a DIR 615 and tried a friend’s DIR 655 and both did not cut it. My friend have suggested me for N routers. Is it good at keeping a nice range? He said that DD-WRT will be supported on it, and that will improve the signal strength.

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    Re: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    I want to ask one question that does N16 utilize draft 2.0 of 802.11n. I know that the draft is supposed to perfectly compatible with the final revision. But I would rather get a device that will utilize the final product. Or it is a drawback if it runs a draft. I will be waiting for the related reply .

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    Re: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    Get the RT-N16 it is the best according to me. The specifications of that are mentioned in the above reply. It is best compared to most of the mainstream routers at present. Currently DD-WRT is not supported the RT-N16 that has eliminated your concern for the signal strength. Because, transmission power can be manipulated within the DD-WRT.

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    Re: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    I am trying to find out the configuration for the bridging 2 RT-N13U Routers. I require one as the normal router and the other one should act the as the bridge to the router. I know this is not so important from your aspect but I need to get the setting correct. Is there anyone who can provide me some information related to it?

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    Re: Compare ASUS RT-N13U, RT-N15 or RT-N16?

    As far as I know RT-N13U supports the repeater mode, hence you do not need to do such type of conflicts, WDS (Wireless Distribution System) setting to intensify. One 123U in router mode provides the internet sharing, and then another connects to it in the repeater mod. That’s all you have to do and your problem will be resolved.

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