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Thread: How to map network drive in AD 2003

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    How to map network drive in AD 2003

    I would like to map a network drive on my Active Directory. I have AD 2003 installed on my Windows 2003 server computer. I want it to create a share for each users in our company. Each users will have "Z:" as the network drive where they can save their work to the server. But since I do not know much about server, can anyone help me to map my network drive?

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    Re: How to map network drive in AD 2003

    On the client machine, open "my network places", select "entire network", go to "Microsoft Windows Network", your domain name, your server name and then right-click the share name that you want to map to a drive letter. Select "Map Network Drive" and then select the drive letter that you want to keep it. Click the box for reconnecting at login.

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    Re: How to map network drive in AD 2003

    You can even create a small script that will be assigned to all users via group policy. They then will use "NET USE" command to map the network drive as soon as the user logs in. You can do so through the server instead of going to each and every users machine.

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    Re: How to map network drive in AD 2003

    There is yet another method where you right click on My Computer, select "Map Network Drive", you then specify the drive letter and even the folder to which you would like to connect to. That's it, you can now click on the Finish button to complete the process. Although the operation is quiet simple, but the only limitation of this trick is that you have to perform the same operation on each and every computer.

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    Re: How to map network drive in AD 2003

    There is a very simple way to map a network drive from a client machine. All you have to do is go to the command prompt and type in the command as

    net use * http://server_name/folder_name/
    server_name is the name of server where the folder is present.
    folder_name is the folder name to which you want to connect to.

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    Re: How to map network drive in AD 2003

    Steve you are right but your method of mapping network drive would only be working on AD 2003 if WebClient service is running, WebDAV server is located on the default port 80, WebDAV server is capable of accepting anonymous connections or you can even use Integrated Windows Authentication for that. If these conditions are not met then you will not be able to connect to the network drive. So make sure that the condition are true.

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