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Thread: Nasty facebook virus!

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    Nasty facebook virus!

    It seems like my desktop is being infected by a facebook virus. The reason I am saying so is because whenever I try to open my facebook I get pop-ups of advertisements. This never used to happen earlier. Also when I am logged the Adds keep on coming every now and then. I have AVG anti-virus and that is not detecting any threats.

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    Re: Nasty facebook virus!

    Yes most probably it is a virus that is displaying such unwanted pop-ups. First login to your Facebook account from another computer and change the password. Secondly use some other browser rather then the one which you are using and check if the pop-ups occur or not. You can also try re-installing the browser and see if the pop-ups occur or not.

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    Re: Nasty facebook virus!

    From your description it is mostly certain that your computer has been attacked by a virus or trojan or a related threat. As your AVG anti-virus is not able to detect the threat, it has to be un-installed. Install some more reliable anti-virus softwares such Avast or Symantec. Also update the installed anti-virus database and then scan your computer to delete the possible threat.

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    Re: Nasty facebook virus!

    Check the firewall settings of your computer. I think it is not a virus but some kind of a adware which might have got installed unknowingly. To protect your computer you have to turn your Windows Firewall On and steps to do that are:
    1. Go to the run box in Start menu and enter Firewall.
    2. Click on Windows Firewall.
    3. Click Turn Windows Firewall on or off.
    4. Click Turn on Windows Firewall under each network location that you want to help protect, and then click OK.

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    Re: Nasty facebook virus!

    Boot your computer to safe mode and scan it completely. To boot your computer to Safe mode keep tapping the F8 key after the re-booting computer. If this does not detects any threats then there are chances that the anti-virus setup also has been modified by the virus. So try System Restore from the Windows System Restore tool.

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