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Thread: TCP Network port problems

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    TCP Network port problems

    Hello everybody,

    I have two questions.
    1. TCP and UDP ports are using the same systems? For example, TCP port 12000 uses the Listener to do after, UDP port 12000 if you can use it?
    2. When the port is not specified when,. Net default ports 1025-5000, then, when there is no available ports in the region when,. Net return an error, or use it in other regions of the ports? Thank you to answer.

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    TCP Network port problems

    In general the computer port corresponding to the appropriate corresponding service on or off the corresponding service can enable or disable the corresponding port. This has opened the service: Run - CMD - NET START If you look at the relevant network devices, such as routing, etc., need to be landing equipment. View port, then use the tools on it, such as icesword or superscan3.0 the two is a tool which casually. . Easy to understand .. ports have shown that if opened, not open naturally no show is disabled. All the best.

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    Re: TCP Network port problems

    Run netstat and tasklist two commands on the list. The following detailed steps that you want to know the port number to run the application, while ensuring that the application has issued a request for network connection
    (1) Start - Run - cmd
    (2) in the command line, type netstat-ano will have all of the port number, PID, also connected
    (3) and then in the command line, type tasklist there will be a running application and its corresponding PID
    (4) In the third step in the application you want to know the PID and the second step of the PID the same, then you know that the application of the local port number.
    In fact, these two commands to prevent Trojans, spyware is also very useful. Check and reply.

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    TCP Network port problems

    TCP / IP reference model TCP/IP set stack body production. IP protocol which allows data to be only concerned with border issues across the local network, not on how to use the transmission media, how the data transmission. whole TCP / IP Protocol stack is responsible for how many months to resolve data access point (a point to point channel, also known as a "jump") smooth transmission, thus a different number of network members can "jump" in based on each data path. Check and reply.

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    Re: TCP Network port problems

    Port on the computer as a "door", a different door open for a variety of different network communication channel. Such as the FTP default port 21, WWW pages using the default port 80. However, the operating system installed, some of the port is enabled by default. Use Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 comes with the "TCP / IP filtering service" can limit the port. As follows: The first step for LAN connection in "Network Connections" Right-click to open the "Network Connection Properties" dialog box. The second step in the "General" select the item in which the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP)", and then click the "Properties" button. In the "Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) Properties" window click "Advanced" button in the pop-up "Advanced TCP / IP Settings" window select the "Options" item, then click the "Properties" button, pop-up "TCP / IP filtering" window. Through the window of "Only" radio button, and add "TCP", "UDP", "IP" and other network protocol that allows the port. Do not provide services in the case, you can block out all of the ports.

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    TCP Network port problems

    You need to enter netstat-an command, and then you can see all the ports of the machine open, and inside there that the game port, I have not played, so I do not know what an open port, If you do not need 29000 to open the firewall should be closed to stop the firewall and the third put the firewall WINDOW
    Display all TCP connections and computer activities, the TCP and UDP port listener.
    Show Ethernet statistics, such as the number of bytes sent and received, the number of data packets. This parameter can be used in conjunction with the-s.

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