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Thread: The importance of data backup Web hosting

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    The importance of data backup Web hosting

    Hello guys,
    I have just started with the topics of the Web Hosting. In that we have been told that data backup is very important for web hosting, because it plays very important role when something crashes suddenly. I want to know more about the importance of data backup Web hosting. So thought that some of your members could be helpful.!! (As Usual).
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    Re: The importance of data backup Web hosting

    To back up your domain (website), the following steps will be useful :
    1. Click the Backup icon in the Domain group.
    2. Should you wish to backup and save the backup file on an FTP server, click the FTP repository tab, then click FTP Account Properties to specify the destination FTP server.
    3. Click the Backup icon in the Tools group now.
    4. Indicates the name of the backup and provides a description of the backup file.
    5. To create a multivolume backup, select the relevant section and indicates the volume size in megabytes.
    6. Select the repository where you want to save your file in the backup.
    7. Click Backup Now.
    8. Backup starts and displays its progress :
      • If you want to update the information displayed on the screen, click Update.
      • To cancel the execution of the backup, click Cancel and confirm the cancellation by clicking OK.
    9. Once completed, you will see a screen with the results of backup, including errors, if any. Click OK.

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    Re: The importance of data backup Web hosting

    With the current version of backup utilities and recovery installed in your control panel, you can :
    • Backing up your domain (Web site). The backup file includes all data related to your account (except for resource allocations and permissions to perform operations within the control panel) with your domain (website) and mail services, including the contents of mailboxes, contacts, calendar and settings Horde Turba anti virus and spam filtering.
    • Schedule backups.
    • Restore data from backup files.

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    Re: The importance of data backup Web hosting

    You can retrieve information at any time in two ways :
    • Using the software included in this service in a comfortable, reliable and fast.
    • Through the WEB tool that we provide so that from anywhere using just a browser, can recover files from your backup.

    Any risk of loss of information is essential to protect your company data, with the guarantee of being able to recover them at any time. The backup service is an automatic and rotary data you want to protect, and as often as you choose.

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    Re: The importance of data backup Web hosting

    Data is extremely important for any business, online or offline. The data that is stored on your server, could be lost since the loss of information could stop your business. If the data of the company have been lost, then you might have to spend much time, effort and money to replace them. There are even some data or information which could not be replaced, which could be devastating to your business. Also, it would be wise to seek ways to ensure that you do lose data , which could be done through data backup.

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    Re: The importance of data backup Web hosting

    Data backup is the process of backup of data important to a remote server or in some media that could be used in order to restore them once you need. You could deal with situations that your applications become corrupt or a file data is corrupted. Some other situations which could cause loss of data would be natural disasters, willful damage and hardware failure. In such situations, you can use the data that have been stored on the remote server or media to restore. Make a backup periodically be necessary for there is not too much data would be lost in case of emergency. In the web hosting industry, it is very common and is an absolute must, since the information face many risks in addition to those already mentioned.

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