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Thread: Signing Fanfic

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    Signing Fanfic

    I have a personal computer which runs on Windows XP and it has a comodo antivirus. I was wondering that can i digitally sign my Fanfic as i wanted to sign it which I am writing it as a pdf. So i need some suggestion on it by which i can be able to sign it, so please help me to suggest some of the best Certificates that i can use it. If it is free then it would be great for me to use it as i want to try it.

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    Re: Signing Fanfic

    I think that the Comodo certificate that don't support the Signing PDF's, but i am not sure that it could also be used. If you use Adobe, then i think you may be able to create a self-signed Digital ID. If not then you can also try a CAcert certificates for the same. There are most of the people that they need to use it becuse for the encryption of the mails.

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    Re: Signing Fanfic

    I have just signed a PDF file with the JSignPdf application and with my free email certificates with the help of Comodo. How to have the application,
    • If you use Open Office then it will provide you an Applet which you can drag onto the Toolbar.
    • If you already has a new version of the Java installed on your computer, you need to untick the Box that says, 'Java Runtime Environment', when you installation.
    • After that you can launch the program from the Start Menu.

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    Re: Signing Fanfic

    I think you can use comodo certificate which is of great use and you can also use it with the pdf file as i have did it. The tool can be downloaded from the official website of the comodo and from there you can have it for free. Then you need to install it on your computer and then you can sign your file with the private key encryption to send it to the other contact with this certificate.

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    Re: Signing Fanfic

    You can use this software PDF Sealer (PDFSealer) 6.06. With this software a users can digitally sign the PDF files with the certificates that is managed by the Windows. The digital signature which is compliant by the standard PDF signature and with interchange standard, that can be verified by the Acrobat reader. With this software a users can also apply and modify the security of the PDF file with the proper settings.

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    Re: Signing Fanfic

    I use this software which is called PDF Encryptor 1.0. It is used to protect the PDF files with the 128 bit strength by using the digital certificates or the passwords, and also it prevent the PDF files from being printed, changed or copied by other person. This software allows you to encrypt the existing PDF files by using digital certificates. With this software you also can encrypt the PDF file by allowing the user to read it by entering the correct password that he knows.

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