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Thread: Need guidance for network management

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    Need guidance for network management

    Network management is a very complicated work, network administrators need in real time to check the status of the network, and remove potential risks and the ongoing network attacks. Now a new generation of network management tools can provide solutions to the past, labor, complicated network management becomes automated, and has initiative and value-added features. It helps to improve the status of the network administrator to become strategic managers, while reducing network management costs and complexity. Hence I need guidance for network management.

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    Re: Need guidance for network management

    Early detection of potential problems before they occur. Network administrators should use to find and correct potential problems in advance of network management tools to take preventive measures. A new generation of system allows network administrators to set default values for the key equipment, once more than the default values, the system will automatically alarm, so as to avoid user downtime. Some systems can automatically identify the network configuration errors or optimize performance, and to inform the Webmaster obvious way.

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    Re: Need guidance for network management

    The network "discovered" as a priority. Should enable the network management software to give priority to "discover" the network of all devices, and draw a "map." The physical equipment for the network and links to create an exact image or map, help speed up troubleshooting time and solve problems. New network management application software can automatically generate such a map, and can find details of various types of equipment and links to features such as speed, flexibility and redundancy. Part of the application software can also highlight the network device moves, adds and changes and so on.

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    Re: Need guidance for network management

    Using industry standards reduce complexity and cost. Should ensure that all devices on the network support for industry standard protocols, so that different devices can be achieved between the smooth flow of communication. As the use of specific products need to purchase more expensive add-on products, so if we continue to use a dedicated software package, will result in heavy losses, and enormous risks for enterprises. Not only has the industry-standard products can be used at any time, and lower prices. The most common standards are Ethernet, Wi-Fi, SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), RMON (remote monitoring), and HTTP.

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    Re: Need guidance for network management

    Choose easy to use, feature-rich network management program. Not all the new user-friendly tool is designed to manage complex networks. Should be used and improved, simple-to-use graphical user interface and the "Wizard" to improve the set up and ease of use. If a small network using traditional large-scale management applications, which generated the complexity of the solution is often more than their ability. Some features can be downloaded from the Internet plug-ins available, but the software is usually free of charge.

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    Establish clear and concise rules

    To establish clear and concise rules. The establishment of networks using the rules, they can promote the use of technology. At present, the new network management tools that not only can detect unauthorized servers, and faster than ever before. In addition, it should be through the establishment of network rules for online to determine the specific type of communication a high priority, such as voice communication; the same time, reduce or prohibit other types of traffic priority, such as MP3 music files for download.

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