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Thread: Remove Win32/Clibro.A

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    Remove Win32/Clibro.A

    Help! I have copied some file from the internet yesterday from where my computer have got one virus. Actually initially this file was not detected as an infected file but as soon as i run it then my anti virus program came up with the warning. It says that your computer has been infected by the Win32/Clibro.A, so i tried to delete it. Here my tension rises as it can not remove this virus so what do i do? Is there any other way to remove the Win32/Clibro.A from my computer?

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    Re: Remove Win32/Clibro.A

    I think you should try to remove the same from the safe mode. You have restart your computer and then keep on pressing the F8 key which will take you to the Booting Options of the Windows Operating system. You would be having two options for safe mode, Safe Mode with Networking and Safe Mode without Networking. You may choose whatever you want but make sure that you are logged on as an administrator.

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    Re: Remove Win32/Clibro.A

    Here you have got the 2010 version of the anti virus software known as an Avast Anti Virus. This software is just an amazing at dealing with the viruses on the windows computers. You have to only keep on updating this software so that it can even remove more latest viruses that are being just came in the market. Click on the LINK to go to the web page of downloading an Avast Anti Virus.

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    Re: Remove Win32/Clibro.A

    Firewall is main security feature provided in an every windows operating system which checks for each and every bit of file. Actually each data which tries to enter in your computer have to pass through the firewall of the system. If it finds even a single bit of malicious data then it would be immediately informing you to deny the download of that particular content. Go to the Network And Security from the Control Panel to change the settings of your firewall.

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    Re: Remove Win32/Clibro.A

    Most of the viruses does the action of disabling the security features on an infected system so that they do not get detected by them. It can even send some crucial informations about your computer to an attacker so that he/she can access your computer. Though symptoms of the Win32/Clibro.A are not yet informed by an official websites of anti virus softwares.

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