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Thread: Connecting Wii to WiFi with a cell phone modem

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    Connecting Wii to WiFi with a cell phone modem

    I have a laptop running with Windows Vista. I am using my Samsung Blackjack for connection with the internet using the phone's internal modem, through a usb connection.

    I am using the dial-up method from my network center to connect to the internet. I am thinking that Is it possible to connect the Wii, using wireless technology or wired network with my laptop where as the modem is in currently use.please post your views about this.


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    Connecting Wii to WiFi with a cell phone modem


    The connection you are accessing right now will not compatible with the Nintendo system. Due to latency problems with cellular, dialup and satellite hookups, i would not suggest you to use these manner of connections.

    If you need to be connect successfully, you have to carry the true high speed internet connection like cable or DSL method. I hope, You are getting my points.


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    Connecting Wii to WiFi with a cell phone modem

    I know, but some of the users which are only able to use these types of connections just because of the area they live in or they are unable to afford broadband. I just posted this so that all users who added those types of connections can take help from me since a lot of people here would not provide them the appropriate help.

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    Connecting Wii to WiFi with a cell phone modem

    enabling Internet Connection Sharing

    1. Go to the computer that has access to the internet .
    2. Just click on Start menu and then Control Panel => Network Connections.
    3. Tip a right click on your dial-up connection and choose the Properties and then go to the Advanced tab .
    4. Click on the option placed Allow other users to connect through this computer's Internet connection within the checkbox option.

    5. Now get connect with your dial-up connection.

    If you get connected with the dial-up connection before activating the Internet Connection Sharing you have to disconnect and then reconnect again.

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    Connecting Wii to WiFi with a cell phone modem

    Obviously,You can be connect with what you need and it is possible on the supported system of windows but you requires all of the stuff which is being used in the connection and there are some tutorials build by device manufacturer can be helpful for you.

    These are the some of the links :

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