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Thread: VPN concentrator bandwidth reservation and control

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    VPN concentrator bandwidth reservation and control

    Hi all,

    The establishment of strategic Bandwidth is divided into reserve and control strategies is the VPN session is reserved for the smallest available bandwidth for the group, and each user can use the minimum bandwidth. I want to know that for L2L session that can be used by groups of control refers to the maximum bandwidth (in kb), as well as the use of a normal burst flow (units BYTES) burst. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

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    VPN concentrator bandwidth reservation and control

    The policy is applied to the interface, group, L2L. One must first be applied to the interface, known as the Common Strategy - an ordinary VPN traffic have followed this strategy. config < interface screen - usually select the public network or outside the LAN port (DMZ outside the LAN might be business partners or VPN access) - Click BANDWIDTH. Activate bandwidth management - the link rate is automatically generated, indicating the real link bandwidth - bandwidth strategy, the drop-down menu to select the policy name and apply them.

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    VPN concentrator bandwidth reservation and control

    You need to apply to the group, will cover a general strategy for interface
    < user management<groups <click BWIDTH Assignment (bandwidth allocation) - click on a hyperlink interface to enter the configuration screen. In the drop-down menu to select the strategy name (the first step in establishing a strategy name). Bandwidth aggregation is specified in the bandwidth reserved for this group. Check and reply.

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    VPN concentrator bandwidth reservation and control

    I will give you the example that if the user interface already has a reserved 56Kb common strategy, and A group policy is reserved 168Kb, PUBLIC true rate of only a T1. then , 27 * 56 = 1512 - which means that 27 regular users exhausted all the T1 rate, since both A group of users or any other user can not establish a VPN connection has Solution. In the aggregate bandwidth reserved for the A group 512000 (unit is bps), while ordinary users can only use 1032kbps, A group of users can have three connection establishment to retain, applied to the L2L: Again, will cover the first interface to establish a common strategy for config . tunnel and security > ipsec - lan-to-lan, click MODIFY, BW policy: the drop-down menu to select the policy name. Check and reply.

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    VPN concentrator bandwidth reservation and control

    The concentrated automatically match your strategy to set the bandwidth reserved for bandwidth aggregation value, while ensuring L2L will not be starved to death. Always remember, L2L bandwidth policy will apply to all of the L2L traffic. The concentrator bandwidth on the strategic competence is fundamental, the QOS provided by the limited capacity of, for example, there is data, voice and video environment, the concentrator can not be classified on the application of QOS features, this time you may need the router to go the completion of this job. All the best.

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