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Thread: How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

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    How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

    I believe that there are some threats which are design to spoil a Linux network. I had seen some malicious codes which runs automatically and destroys data. What are they are how to catch them out. I had see many discussion about this on forums. The other issue I am facing is that I want to stop the asking of Ubuntu disk for each installation of software. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

    In recent months, I had noticed a increasing threats, especially on forums but also on p2p networks, shell scripts and command line has one or more statements in the deliberate purpose of injuring the user. Here is a small non-exhaustive list of commands that users of GNU / Linux should know to protect themselves. You can use some commands to protect your system for the same. One of them is Under GNU / Linux is the rm command is used to Suppress one or more files. The following are unacceptable - rm-rf /.

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    Re: How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

    If you are familiar with the commands then you can get more secure. Unfortunately there is no given popularity of Linux systems under threats. Malicious users may also offer such orders, only or hidden in shell scripts. The command rm-rf - Recursively deletes all files in the current location. In the same way rm-r .* - Deletes all the hidden files (starting point) in the current directory.

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    Re: How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

    That is right if you have a bit knowledge about the same command list then you can protect your system. Like the format command. The following commands will have a disastrous effect on your system: The partition will be erased and replaced by a blank filesystem, they are mkfs, mkfs.ext3 and mkfs.anything. The principle is simple: Run a huge number of processes until system crash. You'll need to restart losing your changes, and unfortunately, sometimes having trouble when you restart.

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    Re: How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

    Often when installing a new package, Ubuntu prompts you to insert the installation CD in the drive system. You can make that stop and use the Repositories for installation of different program. For this in Gnome Go to System > Administration > Software Sources. Here you will get most of the softwares that comes in the disc of Ubuntu. You can manually work on that.

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    Re: How to prevent network threats on Ubuntu

    If you are using Kubuntu (KDE) then open Adept then go to Adept > Manage Repositories. In all cases, you'll see a dialog box in which he will go to Third Party Software and uncheck the box corresponding to the CD player. Your OS will ask you to reload the software list, agree. You are done now, no need to search your install CD on your desk cluttered.

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