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Thread: Internet Explorer does not shows router page

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    Internet Explorer does not shows router page

    I have a board band internet connection. I am using Windows Vista right now. My page took a long time to display and sometime it does not open ups. There are all lights working properly on the router. The ADSL router does not seems to show any issue. How can I fix this issue. I am also not able to locate the exact problem. Here what should I do.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not shows router page

    To connect with an Ethernet modem and an ADSL line, it connects the network cable from the modem to the PC's network card and cable telephone modem to the DSL filter connected to the outlet or splitter for ISDN line. Thne you are connecte to the modem with the modem's IP address, usually and it says the username and password supplied by the provider. This is works in normal condition. If this not happens then just plug out your lan wire and then plug in back.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not shows router page

    I do not deal with problems of USB modems. But it is better to avoid USB modem and choose the Ethernet. More expensive but much more reliable. Here are solution for that. If there is a signal problem then there is No ADSL signal. The problem is of access to the modem / router. Other problems are unable to access the configuration page for this temporarily disable the XP firewall.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not shows router page

    If you are not able to access router then try to disable proxy and check the NIC. See the properties TCP / IP. Try to assign IP addresses manually. For display of page issue run cmd and then pass command Ipconfig / flushdns. Disable Access Manager and try to reset TCP / IP. The presence of ADSL signal is indicated by the LED ADSL modem. This must absolutely be lit. If this should not be the case, check the wiring.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not shows router page

    If you have a router then try to use the original cable. Avoid the leaves and add a filter on each device or phone jack. If you are sure of your wiring and the DSL light does not light or blinks, contact your ISP. It may be that the signal is not activated. f the signal is present, it'll just enter your login credentials in the modem / router. But then, sometimes we can not reach the modem / router.

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    Re: Internet Explorer does not shows router page

    If you cannot see the router then try to ping the modem / router. Click Start and Run in the field, type cmd, a DOS window opens and type ping and then Enter. You will get a response style. This states that there is either a problem with the NIC and then check the cables. The modem must be connected to the hub / switch via a straight Ethernet cable or directly with your PC via a crossover cable.

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