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Thread: How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

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    How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

    I need a help from you all for removing one virus from my computer, My computer has been infected by the Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d. I do not know how this infection have took place but i just want to know that how to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d from my computer now?
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    Re: How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

    I think you should use safe mode of the Microsoft Operating system which assures you the no data loss when you try to remove any viruses from your computer. You have to restart your computer and keep on pressing F8 key when it gets started. This will take you to the different booting options where you have to select for the Safe Mode.

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    Re: How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

    You should always keep the Firewall ON if you are using windows operating system because firewall is a main gateway from which each and every bit of data asses through. If it finds even a single infected bit then it prompts you about the same and suggest you to take the safe action according to the security of your computer.

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    Re: How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

    You need a software by using which you can easily remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d from your computer. Sometime even a security software does not works because of they were not updated with their latest versions. Click on the name of the Avast Anti Virus to download it. This software can successfully detect and remove all the kind of viruses.

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    Re: How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

    You should always avoid to click on the links provided by the unknown users as it may take you to an infected web page. These days it has become very much easy to spread the viruses through internet as if you get any attracting advertisement so you may click on the same and here you make a mistake. Email attachments are also one of the famous trick to infect computer systems.

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    Re: How to remove Hoax.DOS.Dummy.d?

    Once you have found a path where an infected file is placed then you can also remove it by manually deleting it. After the removal of an infected file you have to find the processes which were linked to the deleted viruses. For that you can go to the Windows Defender from where you can find the publishers of each processes that are currently running on your computer. If a process does not have any publisher that is unknown process then it would be the process made by an attacker who have made an infected file.

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