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Thread: Network keeps dropping on eMac

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    Network keeps dropping on eMac

    I have been using Mac systems for a while now and have never faced such problems with it before. I recently bought an eMac which is installed with MAC OS X 10.4.11 on it. I have a Linksys router through which the eMac access Internet. The eMac is connected to the router using ethernet cable. The problem I am facing is Network keeps dropping on eMac. This started to happen when I tried to update the operating system on my computer which I cancelled midway. I am not that much into networking and hence need your help in solving this issue. Any suggestions about the topic is more than welcome.

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    Re: Network keeps dropping on eMac

    First check if the router is configured properly or not. If the router is not configured properly then the devices which are connected to the router will not be able to access all the resources of the network and may get disconnected frequently. To check the configuration of the router, login to the router using default IP address of the router. Open the configuration page and contact your ISP to get the proper configuration settings for the router. Check if the router is configured properly according to the configuration which is provided by the ISP. If there are any changes to be made, do it and save the settings. Restart the router and check the connectivity of the network.

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    Re: Network keeps dropping on eMac

    Whenever any upgrade procedure is carried out, the files of the older version of the application or software is replaced by the files of the newer version of the application or software. As you had started the upgradation procedure which you quit midway, only some files of the operating system must be replaced which are conflicting with the files of the older version. The conflict between teh versions of the files must be creating the problem which you are facing. If you have the installation disk of the operating system which you are using then insert it in the drive and boot the system from the disk. Reinstall the operating system and check if the system is working properly or not.

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    Re: Network keeps dropping on eMac

    There is high possibility that the Network interface card installed on the computer is faulty due to which you are facing such issue. Network interface card is responsible for establishing and maintaining connectivity to the network. If the Network interface card itself is not working then the system will get disconnected from the network frequently. All the NIC's have a software interface programmed which can be used for testing. To test the NIC, ping which the IP address of the software interface. Check the errors in packets sent and received. If there are no errors then the NIC is working properly. If there are errors in packet sent and received then you will have to replace the NIC of computer. Replacing the NIC will solve the problem.

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    Re: Network keeps dropping on eMac

    All the devices which are connected to the computer require a set of drivers to be installed on the computer to work properly. Drivers act as a mediator between the operating system and the device. If the appropriate drivers are not installed on the computer then the device will not work properly. Therefore I would suggest you to check if the drivers for the network adapter are installed and working properly on the computer. Also try and update the drivers for network adapter and see if the problem is solved or not.

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