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Thread: FTP login failure issue

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    sad FTP login failure issue

    Hi all,

    I am a network administrator and we will encounter this strange network problems, but for a network failure in relation to personal feeling is there are ways to follow the. Recently I encountered a strange FTP login failures, Can anybody have some personal experience for process of troubleshooting I hope somebody can help me.Thanks in advance.

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    Re: FTP login failure issue

    Recently I found a server problem, and that is all normal Internet access in the server, access to external websites without any problems, but the registry is always within the network can not connect to FTP resources. Whether to use active mode or passive mode using the FTP logon points have emerged within the Web site "list error" prompt. Even with IE browser, too, appears part of a user name and password to sign in after "suspended animation" without any response. I ping on the server timed out the purpose of FTP server address, tracert the purpose of FTP server address is "request timed out" error. Then tracert will help me a lot. Check and reply.

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    FTP login failure issue

    You need to preliminary investige that why is the normal Internet access to FTP servers, but it is wrong? In order to further narrow the scope of the problem, I try to access the external network, FTP server, FTP server, found that external network access to all normal, only when I access the internal FTP server when a " List of error "prompt. I first found an alternative approach, by setting the Remote Desktop Connection parameters to achieve the server with the machine drive is shared, in the Remote Desktop Connection program "Local Resources" tab, point "in detail Information "button, followed by the" drive "is selected, so that when you connect to a remote server via Remote Desktop on my computer after be able to see the machine the drive is mapped to the remote server. Check and reply.

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    FTP login failure issue

    There are some advance diagnostic are also available. However, the disk simply by mapping to solve data-sharing only a temporary solution, why Intranet FTP server can not successfully visit? In general are likely to be due to the port or agreement filtration caused by the writer decided to start with the core of the device to solve, by accessing the core of routing exchange equipment check the completion of a specific configuration. In the core routing exchange equipment used in command to query configuration information it was found that a lot of access control lists ACL. Check and reply

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    FTP login failure issue

    Among them filtering rules for the server pool, where I found the server address pool for the restrictions, perhaps the problem arises here. Then I use the port check and found that address pool are connected to VLAN 101, and the corresponding filter rules applied to this interface.The core device tracert FTP server address still does not respond, could not find any path, but tracert the server IP address in question is true, only when the ping the gateway address of the network segment when all unobstructed. It seems the problem arises not only in access control list, ACL works because if it is at least to be able to tracert the corresponding path, but only half break. Check that and reply.

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    Re: FTP login failure issue

    I keep searching and routing information, and after repeated inquiries, finally found the route for the server address pool information is not added to the routing table, it appears that this is the problem.I manually add the static route and removed the access control list ACL filtered solve the problem, the server can successfully access FTP servers within the network. Follow my procedure and reply.

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