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Thread: How to completely remove the privacy of data

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    How to completely remove the privacy of data

    Hi everybody,

    A lot of data for SMEs need to take proper care of the data at the same time very important. Very often we will want to delete a data to achieve a real "completely removed". After all, there are many online data recovery software, these tools can be removed from the Recycle Bin to restore the data out. I want to know that how to completely remove the privacy of data. Please suggest.

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    Re: How to completely remove the privacy of data

    First, I use the most simple and most direct way to detect the deletion of data recovery privacy, all data on all selected, and then hold down SHIFT plus DEL key to delete, so that the data will not be removed into the system Recycle Bin for transit, This is also a lot of readers think that the so-called completely removed. Check and reply.

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    Re: How to completely remove the privacy of data

    I use "easy Data Recovery" software to restore these messages out. Through this tool is located on removable storage media partition to scan, search for files through the feature we can see the number of files found in the directory and find the number. After that we can scan through "advanced recovery" interface to see "easy to me" you can restore the data back, we can see from the chart before the DEL key to delete the use of SHIFT plus the method does not escape the "Data Recovery" tool " eye ", all deleted data can be easily restored them. Choose to restore the file after the data storage path will be extracted to set the file directory and delete from them.

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    Re: How to completely remove the privacy of data

    When you delete a data corresponding only to the data sector is marked as not displayed, but the real message is still there. Then we can cover the other data to the sector to achieve privacy of data after the completely delete it.Then I remove the method to detect by covering the data recovery, first of all to find a large-capacity video, the basic and the capacity removable storage devices the size of the very, followed by the video overlay to a removable storage device. Check and reply.

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    Re: How to completely remove the privacy of data

    I continued to try to use the repeated coverage of data protection law to address privacy problems. Repeated three to five times a video file to overwrite, delete, and then cover the operation, has the capacity to use several different video on the same storage medium to read and write operations. However, I regret that so even though we had repeatedly to delete the coverage of methods to achieve the end we are still unable to completely hide the data, the relevant file name and type of recovery tool, or be able to see that some information could be leaked. Check and reply.

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    How to completely remove the privacy of data

    I found that the delete operation for the privacy of data is simply deleted or formatted simply does not have any meaning, powerful recovery tool by these two operations to remove all the data back. Through coverage to delete the file, then smash the software to delete the data after the operations of the information can not be restored, but the associated file name, directory information, etc. can still be found to restore the software, it will also result in leakage of privacy, I think this is possible and storage media will come up with a specific sector to store all the files directory name and type. Each time this part of the specialized formatted files stored directory name, type, location of the sector will change, and then to cover the deleted protection can play a better role, even with recovery tools able to detect files and directories before the name. All the best.

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