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Thread: Troj/Bifrose-UV causing system to crash

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    Troj/Bifrose-UV causing system to crash

    My system is infected by the Troj/Bifrose-UV trojan. Whenever this trojan is detected by my anti-virus its crashes my system. Even if I select Take no action the system still crashes. Why is this trojan not getting deleted from my system? How can I delete this trojan from my system? I ma using Windows XP Service Pack 2 and McAfee anti-virus.

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    Safe Mode

    I recommend you to boot your computer to safe mode. Following are the steps to boot your computer to safe mode:
    1. Re-boot your computer
    2. As soon as the vendor screen is displayed keep tapping the F8 key on the keyboard.
    3. On the next screen navigate to Safe Mode with the help of Arrow keys.( Mouse is disabled)

    After you gave booted your computer to safe mode, run a thorough scan of you computer to detect and delete the trojan or any other such malicious contents. Make Sure that you update your anti-virus database before you boot your computer to safe mode.

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    Troj/Bifrose-UV uses TCP port 81

    The Trojan: Troj/Bifrose-UV s consider as a very critical threat to the user machine. It is been recorded to make use of the TCP port 81 to connect to the remote attacker. The reason that this Trojan is so harmful to the user machine is that it has a backdoor that allows the attacker to get remote access of the infection machine without the concern of the infected machine's user.

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    Re: Troj/Bifrose-UV causing system to crash

    On a system infected by the Troj/Bifrose-UV trojan the following actions are been carried out by the hacker who designed the trojan:
    • Modify Windows Security Settings.
    • Manipulate Files and Folders.
    • Turn Off Windows Firewall.
    • Make an entry in the Windows Registry.
    • Take Screen shots and send to the hacker.
    • Random System crash and shutdown.
    • Denial Of Services.
    • Block Anti-virus updates.

    It is not very difficult to locate the presence of the Troj/Bifrose-UV files. The trojan is also being known to duplicate system files and use them to launch an attack on the user computer.

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    Windows Firewall Settings

    It seems that you will have to first of all re-configure your system Firewall. In case you are not using any third party Firewall and only Windows Firewall then the following steps will help you to configure Windows Firewall on Windows XP:
    1. Click on the Windows Key on the keyboard.
    2. Browse to Control Panel and Click on it.
    3. Click Network and Internet Connections (use- Category View).
    4. Locate Change Windows Firewall Settings and click on it.
    5. Select On.
    6. Click OK.

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