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Thread: Wireless Internet Booster

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    Wireless Internet Booster

    I have wireless modem connection. Its from Local ISP. Since I took up the offer television I had to put my modem next to the TV and equip my Toshiba Satellite 2450-114 with a Netgear card to go to wifi when I goes less than 10 meters it works very well but my office is over 20 meters and the link is weak and often cuts I want to know what I have to put our reception boost my wifi.

    Thank you

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    Re: Wireless Internet Booster

    I have quite similar question. I have a live box sagem working very well at first, but one day I found a weakening of the wireless connection.

    1) I called the VAS has 100 tests to reach the conclusion that there was no problem...
    2) I replaced my wireless modem, but it's the same.
    3) I replaced the USB dongle to my PC via a PCI card is a bit better at the reception sensitivity,

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Wireless Internet Booster


    If your connection is still slow you can always go to manipulation in the network connections.

    Start-> Connections-> Show all connections You right click on the wireless network connection and you click on Properties-> you click on configure (which is next to your network card)-> Advanced-> Wak-on-LAN speed-> You uncheck the use default, and put you at max.

    Then, go in power management, you uncheck the use default, and put at max.

    Well, I hope I have helped.

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    Re: Wireless Internet Booster

    Buy some wireless Internet antenna booster , there are booster antenna to get better reception. The wireless Internet booster antenna can transmit signals through walls and doors. The signal becomes weaker as one moves away from the router, and also because of extreme temperatures. The signal also loses its force because of obstacles such as fur

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    Re: Wireless Internet Booster

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    Re: Wireless Internet Booster

    If you want faster wireless speeds, you have to go to the Wireless-N, the new standard which is unfortunately still in draft form. Wireless-N throuhput a theoretical 600Mbps from 54 low-Mbit / s Wireless-G However, you should check if your wireless devices are compatible with the Wireless-N specification before buying a router Wireless-N access point.

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