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Thread: Top 3 Mobile malwares for Symbian mobile phone platform

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    Top 3 Mobile malwares for Symbian mobile phone platform

    Lately there have been an increase in the mobile malware attacks. This has been hugely recorded for Symbian smartphone/mobile phones platform. These smartphones have been attacked by trojans, worms, spyware and such related malicious threats. I am also using a Nokia mobile phone that supports Symbian applications and which was also in past infected by the Flexispy spyware. I had to submit the phone to the service center to get it fixed. So which are the top 3 threats for Symbian platform that one needs to be aware of?

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    Re: Top 3 Mobile malwares for Symbian mobile phone platform

    For me it is the Trojan: AppDisabler. This trojan is very harmful as it is a SIS file trojan that can attempt to corrupt and disable the Symbian operating system in the infected mobile handset. Apart from this I also feel that Besolo worm needs to be taken care of for Symbian Series 60 Second Edition users. This is similar to the Commwarrior worm. These usually are passed through bluetooth file transfers.

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    Nokia E-61 infected by Mopofeli Spyware

    I had a Nokia E-Series phone, the Nokia E-61 which was attacked by the Mopofeli Spyware. This mobile phone had Series 60 v 9.1 Symbian operating system. So for me the top 3 threat for Symbian smartphone should have the Mopofeli Spyware. Also I have also heard about the Besolo worm that propagates through MMS and Multimedia files. My suggestion to all Symbian users will be to install the F-Secure to secure their mobile phones from all malicious attacks.

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    Cabir, AppDisabler and Doomboot trojans

    The list of threats for Symbian application devices is topped by the Cabir, AppDisabler and Doomboot trojans. Known to disrupt the Symbian files and also pass on to other mobiles these trojans should be taken care of as soons as detected. These trojans are contained in infected SIS file and these trojans also seek to allow easy access for other malwares as well. They usually infect the Symbian files by overwriting them. To be on the safer side I am using Kaspersky Mobile Security in my Nokia N91.

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    Flexispy spyware infects the Blackberry, SymbOS and WinCE platform

    The Flexispy spyware is a very harmful detection in one's mobile device. The worm is also known to infect devices that use Blackberry, SymbOS and WinCE platform. This is a spyphone applications. The developer os this applications is Vervata Wireless Software. This application attempts to record calls made from and received on the infected mobile device. It also intercepts the SMS information. This is thus the most malicious threat for a mobile device on Symbian platform.

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    Re: Top 3 Mobile malwares for Symbian mobile phone platform

    If you are using a Symbian Series 60 platform mobile then you should be aware of the Mopofeli spyware. The main intention of this spyware is to forward messages unknowingly. Also the Trojan: Skulls is a very often noted threat. This trojan is intended to misplace the mobile phone icons with unknown icons produced by itself. And the Lasco worm is a malicious code that makes its way through the device's message Inbox.

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